A Dog at my House

This is a story for dog lovers, but cat lovers can share it too as many cats are also dumped. I live in the country with no houses within sight so when a dog showed up at my house, I knew someone had dumped it there.

Last Saturday morning Jan 7 - the temp in central IL was zero degrees - the dog on my front porch had obviously been there all night - there was frost on his muzzle. When I tried to approach him, he barked and growled at me - my dogs are all little ones - but this boy was big - a pit bull type. I went in and called Mark, the county animal control officer. Mark was drinking his coffee, and slow to get here - and by the time he arrived, the dog was gone. We could see his tracks in the snow and tell that he had gone north - Mark went looking for him, and so did I - but we didn't find him.

I worried all night thinking of the dog outdoors - the temp was zero again. Sunday morning I went to church, stopping to look for the dog at an empty house, thinking he might have taken shelter there - hoping that he hadn't met up with coyotes. At home again, I went out to my kennel - there was the dog - in one of my kennel runs. He had to jump or climb two 4' fences and the 4' chain link kennel fence to get into the run - no gates were open. There was a dog house in the run - big enough for the dog - he was in there trying to find a place to get warm.

When I tried to approach him, he growled and barked at me - I went in and called Mark - came immediately - when the dog saw him, he dissolved into a tail wagging, friendly dog, licking Mark's face. Evidently he was used to a man like Mark.

Mark is a dog lover - he says he can find a good home for the dog. I love stories with happy endings - too many animal stories don't turn out that way - and most of us could tell about animal abuse we have encountered. Whoever dropped off the dog on the coldest night of the month was cruel - it goes without saying - but leaving him at my house was fortunate.


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  • A lovely story Betty. So glad it was your house the poor dog found or he could have been wandering alone all night in the freezing weather.

    I just can't understand how anyone can be cruel to any animals.

    Hope you're well & take care 🌺

  • aw! Wonderful he accepted the rescue man when he came xpiggix

  • That's one lucky dog Betty. Things could have turned out so badly. Thanks for sharing that tale. Xxxxx

  • oh bless you for helping that poor dog.

    I love dogs my favourite Labradors I just can't understand why people kick the dogs out on the street they should be in a dog bed in a home with lots of love and care

  • Hello Betty , I loved reading your story, I love a happy ending 😀 it amazes me how cruel some humans are, thank heavens there are kind and compassionate people to make amends. I hope he soon finds a forever home. huff xxx

  • What a lovely story Betty. thank you for sharing it xxx

  • Lovely story I was emotional reading that till the end wow how nice 👍

  • Hello Betty,

    I nearly didn't read this. I was dreading yet another story of animal abuse, but I am so relieved that there are truly good, caring people like yourself and Mark around to help. Cruelty in any shape or form, whether against animals or humans sickens me to the core. Thank goodness the poor dog will get a good home now.

  • Hi Jennifer

    With more careing people like us the world would be a better place .........And when I say us I mean everyone that cares about animals and their well-being

    Sharing with you the outcome of this one


  • Good morning Graham,

    Lovely to see you this morning. You are right, we can only wish that one day everyone will feel the same way.

    Happy Tuesday to you:-)

  • A lovely, happy ending Betty, thanks to you and Mark. I too hope the dog will now find the warmth and care he needs. The fact he growled at you must indicate that he had been badly treated by people in the not so distant past. I feel I must thank you for being so caring.



  • Breaks my heart Betty when I read animal abuse cases I donate to lots of charities and do my bit, I hope you get the dog a lovely home, god bless you for helping him, shame on the person that dumped him xx

  • So glad this story had a happy ending :-)

    I don't have pets, but cannot understand why anyone would just abandon an animal. There are so many alternatives out there if people find they can't cope for some reason.

  • This is the second one that was left at my house - the other one was a bearded collie whom I kept for several years - then I found a good home for him.

  • I suppose if we want to think kinder thoughts of these people, it could be that they see your kennels and guess you will look after the dog, so that's why they dump them near your house.

    It doesn't excuse them though. They are just being lazy, leaving the dog for you to deal with. There are better ways of passing an animal on to a good home.

  • Thank you for caring,💐

  • Hello Bettz,,,what a great place to be found at,, your caring home,,pity Mark did not have his move faster mode on the first time,,but still there he was safe and trying to keep warm,,,you did a great job,,and bless your heart for coming to his rescue,,,ttfn from karen.

  • Hello Betty

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us and thankfully the good ending which was because of your actions lucky Dog !


  • Thanks Betty, for being the good person you are..😁 I was hesitant to read it also, thinking it was going to be sad. Still felt bad, thinking of the poor little fella, trying to take care of himself. So glad you were there for him, Betty. Ruby🌹

  • Thank you for being you!

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