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Hi guys I honestly hope that today is a better one than before I say that because this illness varies so much from day to day I was told at age 50 my lungs were that of an 88 year old. Its really weird but the illness didn't really effect me until a month ago when I got a chest infection I still tried as if I was looking for buzz I would never find. Decided to quit those cigarettes saying to myself my life is more precious than a cigarette. Can someone may be help me I often sense a very odd smell usually the same each time reminds me of burnt toast does this happen from copd thanks simcha123

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  • Welcome simcha123, good to hear from you on HU. I have no idea about the burnt toast smell but maybe someone else can help there. Things seem to often creep up on you though and I hope you are getting all the right help with your symptoms. Great that you are quitting smoking and thats a big step forward. Well done.

    Wishing you well. xxxx

  • Yes you do get funny smells, I have now packed up cigs about 18 weeks now and I get some very funny smells . Like you said burnt toast or some thing else burning. It is very odd. I smoked for 47 yrs it is hard but it is worth it you can now taste things and smell things.

  • Ahhh it's not just me then. Since giving up I have developed a bloodhound's nose, yes the world stinks. I find it quite unpleasant as sometimes it is very strong. I often wonder if it is dead vegetation rotting away, the council seem to not to have collected the fallen leaves this year either, awaiting spring to see if the smells improve.

  • Hello simcha...welcome and nice to meet you. I can only suggest that maybe your burnt toast smell could be a bit of your infection still lingering...I get a smell of peanuts!

  • Thanks 4 that that tee 1008 yes i heard similar that the mucus can become smelly in the pipes if it is trapped for a while speak soon simch123

  • hi I don't think smell is anything to do with copd, it will be down to you stopping smoking, when you stop your sense of taste and smell are more sensitive.

  • Hi aberdeenman i appreciate your feedback from simcha123

  • Hello and welcome to the site. It is amazing how much our sense of smell improves when we stop smoking. Very well done to you.

  • I work in a hotel and they now use me to check on guests who they think have been smoking in there rooms. I have been right 99 percent of the time so far, but some people use deodorants or perfume to mask the smell and this is no good to me with copd

  • You're right, sprays can be bad for our breathing.

  • Hi mrsmummy hope your manageing whats your veiws on vapping with copd from simcha123

  • My personal opinion as an ex-smoker is that we should not inhale chemicals into our lungs but doctors are currently promoting vaping as a means to stop smoking and they seem to be less likely to do harm than actual cigarettes.

  • Hi there is a quit smoking site on here. Even if you have stopped but are having trouble staying stopped I recommend you pay a visit to them. x

  • Thanks coughalot2

  • Hello and welcome. Well done for kicking the cigarettes......I know how hard it can be. I'm finding that it's playing havoc with my sense of smell too!

    I'm sure that you'll benefit greatly from being part of this great community.

    Good luck with it all and I look forward to hearing more from you soon.

    Pam XXX

  • Hi pam thanks 4 making me feel welcome how about vapping whilst kicking smokes have you ever heard anything possitive on this simca123

  • That's the way I did it. Reduced my cigarette use gradually until I eventually could manage just with vaping. Good luck! XXX

  • Hello and welcome Simcha.

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