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Pleurisy Lung infection

I was diagnosed with pleurisy a few days ago and spent 2 days in hospital

X-ray CT scan blood tests done

I was released from

Hospital 2 days ago and on antibiotics.

I never had a cough just sharp pain and struggled to breathe.

This morning I coughed up a little bit of blood. It's never happened to me bedore and my chest is still tight with a bit of pain 2 days after hospital release.

Is this normal?

or should I rush to A and E.

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I don't know whether you live in the UK, if so you could ring 111 for advice.

Or try ringing the hospital ward that you were in and ask them.

A and E, I guess is the answer as your symptoms are still there .


Good morning.

I agree with knitter. I'd give 111 a ring and get some professional advice.

Good luck. 😊


Good idea to get professional advice and hope you feel better soon. Xxxx


Thanx guys


Hospital's are overrun I spent 12 hours sat on chair waiting for a spare bed, I was on the medical assessment ward. Please try to get treated at home if possible the hospital's are in crisis. Many very seriously sick people not able to get hospital bed.

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