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Just a quick question I suffer from emphysema and for the past 5 days I've caught some kind of virus with a cough so bad I've hardly had any sleep somebody suggested I rub vicks on my chest to ease I opened the jar and had a sniff and instantly started coughing which lasted for a good 5 minutes ..has anybody please got any tips to help I really need some sleep inhalerS aren't helping and because it isn't a chest infection I can't get antibiotics any advice would be appreciated thanks in advance

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  • well come to the group you could try some honey & lemon in hot water , also you could try the jakeman throat and chest lozenges

  • Hi hammers and welcome to the site, there is a horrid virus going around, the cough is a complete nausence, I find lemon, honey, grated ginger, maybe a dash of scotch, if not scotch, paracetamol, helps, keep drinking warm drinks, friend swears by hot bovril with black pepper in it, I've still got a productive cough, I got virus before Christmas. Take very good care of you, stay out of the cold. By the way, are you a West Ham fan? xx

  • Thanks for your reply this cough is horrendous I've suffered with many chest infections but never had a cough like this before.. I'm definitely going to try the honey and lemon and add the scotch hopefully that will knock me out lol.. and yes I'm a west ham fan and for a change we won today lol

  • Yes, this is a very happy household tonight, just watching it on match of the day xxx

  • Same here over the moon who needs Payet when we got Andy Carroll goal of the season xxx

  • Also, rub Vicks into the soles of your feet, nurse told me that, and eat as much onion and garlic as you can xxx

  • Thank you sounds strange but I'm willing to try anything xxx

  • Wow, never heard about rubbing Vick into soles of feet Medow, Im gonna try it! Hope your cough clears up soon, bummer when they go on so long :) xxx

  • Apparently if we rub stuff into our feet it gets into our system a lot quicker, don't if it really works, but feels good anyway. What's the weather like but he coast ? Very damp wet and murky here, still reading jennette wintersons Christmas book so not all bad xxxx

  • Exactly that Medow, damp and murky (that just corrected to "turkey" lol). After yesterday's cold too. I was meant to be going to london with Rita to have birthday lunch with four friends but have cancelled (their b'days not mine). Was so looking forward to it, never mind. Roll on spring! :) xxx

  • Lemon water and honey warm always works for me best wishes

  • Hammers, that 2nd goal !!!! 👍😊

  • Can't ask for better than that xxx

  • Honey butter and vinegar (warm) works for me.

  • Never heard of that but willing to try anything thank you.

  • I had that cough for weeks - dreadful! The thing that helped me was............wait for it.........garlic milk! Sounds horrible but it seemed to help. Google it. I took 3-4 gloves of garlic, peeled it and squashed it with broad side of knife. Added a little milk to a pan then put in garlic and bring to boil, then simmer until garlic is soft. I then poured the milk through a tea strainer and added a little cold milk and drank it in one!! Not as bad as it sounds and it did help me sleep and eased my coughing. You could have your honey and lemon afterwards, topped up with whiskey - just to take away the taste of course lol. Best wishes and welcome to the group.

  • Thank you had another bad night I don't think I've ever coughed so much first I thought it was flu as one minute I was hot then I was cold but them symptoms are still going on so I'm assuming it's to do with this virus..I'm willing to try anything and I suppose the stranger it is I'm hoping the more it will work lol.. thanks again.

  • I totally understand as I had that cough for about 6-8 weeks. I coughed so much that I put my back out. I got so depressed as it was at that time some silly locum GP told me that I had COPD so of course I thought that I was ready to pop my clogs! It was a virus and it has passed - your's will pass too but take it easy and look after yourself. Plenty of good food and lots of water...............along with the garlic milk at night and the odd hot whiskey throw in. lol

  • I don't know how people cope with this I know it's a case of having to but blimey it knocks you for 6 and I really haven't got no appetite but trying to eat little. . And hearing you had it for 6 to 8 weeks god that's scary I've done my ribs in now with the coughing it's relentless.. thanks so much for your help tonight's the night I try the garlic milk.

  • A nurse suggested honey and butter once for my good if you are dairy intolerant I guess.

    But I find lemon and honey the best.

  • I've tried the honey and lemon but one whif of the lemon had me in a coughing fit but thank you anyway

  • I can't give you any advice but can give you my experience of the coughing virus! My mum has it. She is normally in good health. She started with a cold on Christmas Eve, which turned into a cough on New Years Eve. She has been in bed now for almost two weeks, but is beginning to improve. She's still coughing! The virus has left her very weak and she gets exhausted by the smallest thing.

  • I really feel for your mum it really does drain you every cough makes your body ache I've only had it 6 days now and I feel exhausted your head feels like it's going to burst I've never had anything like it so I really feel for her.. wish her better for me and hope this cough leaves her quick.

  • Thank you for your thoughts. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  • I have read recently that pure pineapple juice is great for a cough

  • Really!!! I'm more than happy to try that as I love pineapple juice sending my son to the shop now for it..thank you!

  • At least if it does not work you will still enjoy it. Only other thing I ever use is vicks vapour rub on my chest and throat. Best of luck for a speedy recovery

  • I tried the vicks had one whiff of it and went into a coughing fit so I'm worried to put it on me chest but the pineapple I've just drank so I'm hoping it's going to ease it. Thanks again

  • Hello! I know exactly what you're going through - I had the same thing about a month ago. According to my doctor it's due to a post-nasal drip. The only thing that worked for me were gel caps that contain dextromethorphan 15 mugs. It's a cough suppressant that's available over the counter - any generic will do & you'll get a night's sleep! Give it a try. I hope it works.

  • Hi

    Thanks for reply I've never heard of them before what exactly is it don't want to sound like an idiot when I ask about it in the chemist lol.. is it a medication of some sort?

  • It is a cough suppressant that contains the ingredient called dextromethorphan. Here it is sold over-the-counter,I.e. you don't need a prescription. It comes in various forms, liquid, gel capsules, etc. Ask your chemist; it' completely safe & it works! Trust me! Good look & let me know how you make out.

  • i've had this horrible thing thats been going around and yes the cough is really annoying, i found pineapple juice helped with cough, if you like it. hope you feel better soon....

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