Mum still not well she has a very poor appetite she is very wheezy and breathless today I have tried to encourage her to wear her oxygen but failed I'm afraid she says she is cold to the bone I still think she has a touch of pneaumonia and not a simple chest infection she has all the symptoms of pneumonia but I'm no doctor it's just a gut feeling I hope she starts to show some improvement soon her oxygen levels are 71 today how much longer can she go on with these low levels they are very dangerous levels from what I've been reading x

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  • Ooo no bad news can you not ring paramedics to be on the safe side, ano you look after her as much as possible it must be so hard and difficult I prey she gets well soon wishing you all the best health happiness xx

  • I'm looking after her I love my mum so much it's breaking my heart to watch her suffer the doctor has seen mums oxygen this low and said theirs no point in hospitalisation as they dill only offer her oxygen and she won't tolerate it x

  • You need to force it on her honest even if she don't like it it's not fare on you your trying your best I no it's heart braking a feel for you I honestly couldn't do it your a wonderful woman your mam will be proud of you, xx

  • I cannot force my mum to do anything she doesn't want to and I will not force my mum thank you

  • I agree Chezzyy66. You are treating your mother with dignity and respecting her choices. You can do no more.

  • Dear Chezzy, maybe you could chat to the doctor again & see if you could get some health care for your Mum.

    You're doing you're absolute best for her but you need a rest too.

    You can't force your Mum to have her oxygen. She probably doesn't realise it's at a low level because of her Alzheimer's.

    I hope the abs she's taking will help her & if she improves I know you will feel better.

    Take care & hope it gets easier for you 🌺

  • I really hope your mum starts feeling better soon. You need to look after yourself too, so please see if there is any kind of help you can get. Praying and thinking of you both. Love Berny xx

  • Bless you Chezzy, l think a doctor has to take some responsibility and you need help in the home to care for your lovely mum.

    Sadly she doesn't understand that the oxygen is to help her because of the dementia. I just keep thinking of you and how wonderful you are. Your devotion is exceptional but l don't want you to be ill too.

    Lots of love xxxxx

  • I understand that just a saying as you've tried everything you possibly can anyway hope she is okay take it easy

  • Hello Chezzy. Do you have any other family members you could consult with? I feel as though you are handling this all on your own. Are you able to get enough sleep and rest? How about food? Are you able to eat alright?

    I am so sorry things are so impossibly tough right now. You really love your mum Chez. I don't think you could be doing anymore than you are. If you can have someone else take over for a few hours so that you can have a breather that would help you very much I feel.

    I am thinking of both you and your mum.

    Cas xx

  • Hi yes I have a sister but she is too wrapped up in her own family life and only visits mum once a week for an hour I don't speak to her because of this I have carers now theee times a day xx

  • I understand your feelings. I had the same problem when I cared for my in laws. Hang in there Chez. 🌈

  • Try to get help, you are making yourself poorly too, and then you will be no good for your Mum. It is heartbreaking for you to see your Mum like this. I wish I could be of some help to you, for you so need a break.

  • Hello Chezzy , Please don't try to manage entirely on your own , you need to have breaks to re-charge your batteries sometimes and then you will be strong for your Mum. She is truly blessed to have such a wonderful devoted daughter and I think being able to stay at home is the answer to a prayer, wishing you love and light , huff x

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