Poor mum

Mums cough has got worse within the last couple of days after the doctor came out on Tuesday said it was just mucus on mums chest she is now really porly her cough is really bad sounds chesty very sleepy no appetite whatsoever on mums say so she didn't want the doctor out so as my duty of care gave him a call today without no visit he prescribed mum some antibiotics which I had to pick up and if no improvement he will visit her next week what the hell ... I know mum said no doctor which I respect her wishes but with mum being on palliative care surely he could have been a bit more supportive I just hope it's not pneaumonia or heart failure she is very porly and really should be in hospital but mum wishes to stay at home so that's her wish she still won't wear her oxygen only at times then she takes it off when my back is turned her levels this morning were 57 I put her oxygen on and managed to get it to 77 before she had enough of it I know it's still in the danger level but better that in the 50s I just hope he is right with a chest infection and not pneaumonia x

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  • So sorry to hear your mum is so poorly it must be talking it out off you too I hope she gets better u are doing a great job looking after her please make sure u look after your self too

  • Thinking of you both and hope your mum gets some support and you too. You are doing everything you can and don't forget that. Xxxxxxx

  • I'm hoping your Mum will improve with the abs she's been prescribed. She's lucky to have you taking such good care of her.

    Take care of yourself Chezzy 🌼

  • Thank you all xxx

  • You really are doing everything you can for your Mum. Don't reproach yourself at all. I just hope you can get a little rest in between all you are coping with. I too hope it is not pneumonia.


  • So sorry to hear how poorly tour mum,you must be so worried and really tired. Hope your mum feels better soon,and that gp should have had more respect. Thinking of you both. Love Bernyxx

  • Oh dear chezzy, I do worry about you. I understand that you want to respect your Mum's wish to stay at home and it is impossible to make her wear her oxygen. Reading your posts it appears that your Mum is going downhill and has now developed an infection. In the case of any other person, this would be the time to be admitted to hospital for treatment.

    Forgive me if I am mistaken but I have picked up that your Mum has dementia. If this is the case she is not really able to make decisions.

    However, you are able to do that and based on knowing that your Mum wants to stay at home you are doing your utmost to keep her there and to make her comfortable.

    You are doing everything you can and are an amazing daughter. Please do not blame yourself if your Mum continues to decline because she will not wear her oxygen, if she won't eat and it is impossible to have hospital treatment for her infection.

    The doctor knows how ill she is and I think that although he is bluff in the way he expresses it he is giving you the space to be with and look after your Mum in the way which you think is appropriate. You will decide whether it is better for your Mum to be at home or admitted to hospital.

    You are doing all of the right things. Please try to look after yourself. We are all thinking of you. xx

  • It is so hard for you. You are doing all the right things, she could not be better looked after.

    Thinking of you both


  • Aw a hope mama is okay thinking of her you sound like a great daughter Hun x

  • Chezzyy66,I honesty do feel you are doing your very,very best for you lovely Mum. I can only imagine how hard things can be for the both of you. You are in my thoughts. Take care during these difficult times.

  • There is really any more you can do. Your Mum will only fight you if you attempt force her to wear the mask by holding it over her face. I would think the antibiotics work for pneumonia.

  • Chezzy, you are doing a great job, looking after your Mum. You must be absolutely exhausted.

    Bless you xx

  • You are such a sweet loving daughter--how many of us would love to think we would have the tlc that you've given your mum if some day we were sick like your mum is. God is going to give you a crown someday for caring so much and trying so hard to show to your mum how much you love her and want the best for her even though it is very difficult at this time. You truly have done all you possibly can and please take care of yourself before you end up sick. sending hugs your way.

  • Thankyou xxx

  • Hi Chezzy, another day arrives , hope your mum only has an infection not pneumonia but the antibiotics should help both. There is no more you can do , you have done your best for your mum and respected her wishes even if she does have to go into hospital now to give you a rest. Take care thinking of you xx

  • My heart goes out to you both. You're doing an amazing job with your mum but I am sure she will want you to take care of yourself too xx

  • Thinking of you both dear Chezzie.

    With love cx

  • Thankyou xxxx

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