Good Evening all, has anyone had a snowfall yet? We're forecast for tomorrow in South Wales. They usually get it all wrong though. lol. Well, my camera is at the ready ... batteries charged and my wellies in the hallway just in case. I'll be off to the park to get some more pics of this little bridge. :-)

Wherever you are, take care and wrap up warm.

Love Lyn x

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  • o snow yet, but ready for

  • Ooh good for you Damon ... we never get that much do we. I hope we get some. :-) xxx

  • We have had a little snow today here in crawford scotland

  • A little? lol. You usually get buried up there in Scotland don't you. lol :-) Well I hope you enjoy the little you have June. :-)

  • Hi Lyn, it's so lovely to see you and l hope you will put some photos on for us all to see. No snow here but you never know.

    Take care and lots of love, Carole xxxxx

  • I love the snow and taking pics of it. I love to sit and watch it fall, so relaxingxxx😊

  • Me too Damon ... I don't like waking up to a great deluge. I love to watch it fall and settle. Fingers crossed then. :-) xxx

  • Hiya Carole, we don't get it often enough do we. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Lovely to see you too. Lots of love back at you. xxxxxxxxx

  • Stay well and warm Lyn. Xxx

  • You too Carole, passing you a wooly scarf and bobble hat :-D xxx

  • Im hoping we don't get it to bad

  • Well we don't want it to be too disruptive do we. As long as it's enough to look pretty, but not so bad that we can't get around. I hope you get just as much as you'd like onamission. About 20ft will do eh. lol :-D

  • Hi Lyn, I like to look at it through the window, I don't like to go out in it though. No snow yet & it's a maybe late tomorrow. Xx

  • Yeah it's sometime tomorrow for us too Margaret ... it never lasts too long though does it. :-) xxx

  • I take the old lady shopping tomorrow she hates snow but just enough to look pretty will do me

  • Well let's hope you don't have to get your skis out then. lol

  • lol

  • are you on your wifes account mr o she wont like you calling her the old lady

  • you know I'm only 18 and although I do read some of your posts to him when he is in need of a laugh and of course when I need a example of how a husband would not behave 😆

  • Weeeeeeeeeee ... it's snowing. lol

  • I go swimming with a group of people and two of us share a birthday this month, we went to Pizza hut and it started to snow then ⛄ 🍕 🎂 ⛄

  • Looks fab doesn't it. Stopped now though :-(

  • yes it is beautiful both cats are in curled up on the sofa they are not keen on it 😞

  • What a pretty bridge Jolyn. It was really cold here in Norfolk with biting wind. The Moon looks magnificent tonight.

  • Ahh....I love that silvery moon. Well you wrap up warm against those biting winds Azure and I hope I can walk over that snowy bridge again tomorrow. :-)

  • I am now going to wrap up and take George for a quick walk. He wet himself last night. I then realised he had refused to go out in the garden last night. I took him out, first thing this morning, after he refused, point blank, to go outside to the garden. He was able to pee normally then. Somebody said he must have been spooked by something. There are a lot of foxes round here. Rats too.

  • I was going to suggest a little dog door like Twinkle has to let himself out. Then you said rats! Oh no! xx

  • didn't realise you lived in Norfolk Christine

  • What a stunning photograph Lyn. I see pmb's 007Robin has paid you a visit too:-)

    Nothing here but we don't often get snow by the coast in Lancashire. If we do it means it is bad inland.

  • Thank you Jennifer, yes it's unusual by the coast isn't it. I expect some of us will get it and some won't. :-)

  • I do love the snow though - at first fall:-)

  • well I live up north in Wi and we have had almose12 inchs of snow and more on the way I miss going out and walking in the snow but stuck in the house all the time and looking out the window I love that picture of that bridge its beautiful is that bridge near you well you have a good night its time for me to try and get sleep

  • Wow, more on the way too, that's a heavy fall corkie. Hope you get a good nights sleep. :-)

  • 12" ! That would take some shifting before you can go for a walk. Keep warm, you are in the best place.

  • Such a lovely picture

  • Thank you so much esther :-D

  • what a lovely pic , no snow here in Norfolk but might be getting some this afternoon ,

  • Thank you kindly mmzetor ... nothing here yet either and it's still very mild so it looks like it will be rain for us. :-(

  • its chilly here 4 oc at min ,

  • No snow this morning but think by the end of the day we might be white over

  • It's still so mild though isn't it onamission. I hope it doesn't fall too late, I've got a funeral to go to tomorrow :-O Would be awful if no one could get there.

  • I have a funeral to go to tomorrow a natural wood burial ground. No roads, etc, once you get there so could be difficult if there's too much snow! (In the shadow of the South Downs, so anything may fall!) xx

  • Heavens Tee, fingers crossed for you. xx

  • hope tomorrow goes ok for you tee sounds a lovely resting place to be

  • It is beautiful! You can choose your tree area too and they plant the appropriate one on top of you.. He was 92, so a long life and he will now join his wife.

  • sorry your having to go to a funeral not nice.

    I have just come back from Asda with the old lady my car is saying 5.05 so its not that cold

  • Thank you onamission, it's my Uncle ... he was 92 years old. So he's had a good and long life. :-)

  • sorry to here you lost your uncle , hope all goes well tomorrow for you

  • Thank you m :-)

  • That's a coincidence, Jolyn...mine was a neighbour, also 92. More of a celebration of his life really.

  • Amazing how long people live these days Tee.

  • oh bless just hope the snow doesn't spoil it our rain has turned to sleet

  • Really? Still damp here and about 4 degrees. :-O

  • 5.5 not that cold do you have eskimo blood

  • no just a very warm coat it is duck down

  • its it green do we need to start calling you Orville

  • No its white you cheeky sod lol

  • onamission well don't think its hot enough for you to get a tan today so yes you probably will be white all over

  • you should be on the stage what other web side has its own resident comedian we are all so lucky to have you 😆.

    I went swimming last night and it was bitterly cold when I was walking back to my car but worth it got my hart racing so good for the lungs what did you do golden balls 😂

  • I watched midsomer murders and fell a sleep before it got to the end

  • I bet Dawn was grateful for the peace and quiet 😆

  • ha ha its her who is the talker the phone bill is evidence of that

  • women need sensible conversation dear 😆

  • The poor media. They are desperate for a drama. I live in the West Midlands. Yesterday they told us that it is all on the way, rain, frost, snow, the plagues of Egypt. Today is the first for a week when I have not woken up to frost on my car! Stay warm and cosy if it's in your area xx

  • Yes, this is true, you can go back over the years and they have horror weather forecasts and it never happens does it. lol xx

  • Except when they tell us there is no hurricane on the way!

  • And then you get a real shock. lol

  • Hi Lyn, lovely picture of winter. No snow in the Midlands so far but very cold. Keep warm xx

  • Thank you Katie, I hope you're keeping well. Nothing here this morning either just rain :-( xx

  • Oh yn what a photo iIt looks so lovely

    I love the snow and how it make the earth sound so quiet but so far all we have here in South Wales is rain :(

  • Thank you Mandy, same here and it's not too cold either. Supposed to get colder by this evenings rush hour, warm air (that's us) should hit oncoming cold air and bingo. We'll see. :-)

  • Well i have my wellies ready :)

    We usually miss all the bad weather where i am but i dont care if i only get in the garden if it snows im going out :)

  • Me too hon ... my wellies are by the door. lol. Camera at the ready as well. :-)

  • Have you got snow Mand ... it's snowing here ... weeeeeeeeeeeeee ... lol

  • Oh you lucky girl. It said we should get light snow between 3 and 5 am so I've got my wellies on waiting x

  • It's flipping stopped now ... I'm gutted. :-(

  • Sorry but that made me giggle :). Did you manage to get your camera out in time x

  • No it's pitch black out there. lol x

  • The only flake i saw last night was the one i had with my coffee x

  • Lol x

  • No snow here either in a damp and dreary Lydney, your bridge looks lovely , is it very close to you ?

  • Thank you Kath, the bridge is in the park just 5 mins away from my house. Long way to walk though if I can't get the car up the hill. :-O

  • Lovely pic - looks a bit like one of the bridges in Clyne Gardens in Swansea. Still mild and "moist" here though - moist being a euphemism for chucking it down !

  • Lol ... good old rainy Britain eh. lol Nice to see you Dragonmum. :-)

  • We have two fishing lakes at the bottom of our garden , also a boating lake . It would be lovely to see snow on it . The fog coming off the lakes is beautiful 😀

  • Well that sounds lovely Kath, do you have swans and ducks on the lakes? :-)

  • Yes there is a family the adults are huge, there is a younger one with them, lots of wildlife, trying to find out what types of birds. We have swallows , have also seen Canadian geese go across to the river Severn. We moved here in August 2016 so all really new to us. We use to live just on the outskirts of Bristol .

  • Fabulous, we have a swan family on the lake by me. I've watched them and photographed them since they were eggs. lol The mother has chased two off, there are four left. They need to go now becase she'll be nesting again in April. She won't have much time to herself before then. lol All my family are from Bristol. :-)

  • Small world , never thought I would move out, but countryside , easy life and no mortgage helped us to make the right decisions. I'm only 55 but have been off from work as a restaurant manager for the last 7 months, have to make the decision to retire or not, don't think I will be returning to my old job

  • Countryside air is good for you :-) I'd love to live on a lake :-) But I am lucky that the lakes I visit are just 10 minutes away so that's not so bad. Well if you decide to retire you can sit by the lake every day. :-)

  • Such a beautiful photo Jolyn, I love the little Robin in the foreground! huff xxxx😊

  • Thank you huff ... it's been snowing a bit this evening ... stopped now though. lol xxx

  • Lovely picture xx I only like snow watching it from a lovely, cosy, warm house. It doesn't last long and then the dreaded dirty slush on roads ? No snow here in Essex today, but very cold and frosty.

  • Thank you Nitap ... I do too ... its gone mild again now though.

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