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Easy breathing?


I have had COPD for a few years and I know it is getting harder for myself to breath, mainly because I am a professional photographer and I walk the streets of London. I have been doing a little research and I have come across a face mask that I am seeking some information on.

The mask is called Totoboto and has been developed for cyclists. The mask has two filters, either side of the mask, and they are classed as highly effective to trap fine dusts and particles even below 0.3 micron.

The filtration efficiency is at least 94%.

I have no idea if the 0.3 micron would be good enough to help my lungs or not but I am willing to try this out but and it is but - would I benefit from this mask?

Any information would be appreciated.

Fred Church

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I think it's a great idea, I would certainly try itxxx

Sounds worth a try Fred so if you do get one, please let us know if it works. Good luck xxxx

Hi Fred, I used to work as a photographic freelance and lived in London - at that pre-digital time working with photo chemicals in a badly ventilated darkroom. After being dxd I moved out of london and am far better than I would have been.

Sadly the wouldn't work for me as Ive tried various masks but can't draw enough air through them to be able to breathe properly. But for those whose copd is less advanced they could well work. The one you've found sounds good. Definitely worth a try - if it works please let us know. :)

The Amazon reviews for these masks aren't all great and it is out of stock - unknown if there will be further stocks.


Definitely worth a try if you're living London - hope it works out for you (please let us know).

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