Hope everyone is well or at least doing better...so..after a week of cat naps now n then I have eventually had a decent sleep...only been awake hour here n there over past 36 hours..hence now being wide awake at this time of morning...the cups of camomile tea defo helped..maybe the AB's past 2 days too...just got get rid of this viral n pleurisy and be on top of the world...can cope with the usual c*** normally...got off days but then so has everybody...partner happier now I sleeping n so is poor tia (our jrt ) she been out of sorts with me coughing, wheezing n wandering about all hours... not looking forward to the impending gales n snow..will be a tug of war to get tia out door...she defo doesn't like winter..sticks paw out n runs back to bed...x

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  • Good morning ufm,

    It seems that you have turned the corner now, and what a relief for you and your partner. Nothing like being desperate for sleep and coughing keeping you awake.

    The winds is getting up here now and doing a bit of howling, so I am not looking forward to our morning walk....maybe Merlin won't want to go out...who am I kidding:-) I'll just wrap up warm and cover my face and we'll have a good'un. His best pal is a little Jack Russell named......Jack. I have noticed it before, Labs and Jack Russells have close bonds. You made me smile about Tia. Good for her, sensible dog.

    Now have a lovely day.

  • Morning hun...yea they comical wee things...she hiding under quilt in spare room hoping we dont see her...partner had to pull her out a small washing basket next to my dryer yesterday...she heard her lead jangling n took off...wind howling like a banshee up here...looks like i defo turning corner...take care n god bless x

  • Good morning. So pleased that things are improving for you......decent sleep makes a big difference!

    The wind here sounds pretty evil at the moment, but you can rest assured that my two will still be up for a romp around the woods!

    Hope that the improvements continue, and that you're feeling well very soon.

    Take care. Pam XXX

  • Thanx Pam..feel like i in land of living again...tia refuses to go out...was defo tug of war with partner n she won...she strong wee cookie...she now lying in front of fire with smug look on her face...partner not amused coz he freezing now..take care..leona x

  • Morning, seems as if things are improving which is good. Always nice to sleep well.

    I'm with tia when it comes to cold weather and going out. Xxxxx

  • Yea they seem to be..thanks..just got her out 10 mins ago....she in huff now..sitting with back to us..soon be all over us when the chicken goes on though xx

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