Hi my name is Louisa I'm 49 and have just had a 3 week stay in hospital due to having a chest infection. I have also been diagnosed with copd. I am now home but feel very tired and frustrated not being able to go back to work yet. I'm a carer in the community and the doctor has suggested that I might think about doing something else for a job. At the moment I can't see myself getting back to work anytime soon as I am not 100% as yet, but need to work to pay the bills. Has anyone got any suggestions on how long it might take before I feel well enough to go back to work.

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  • Welcome Louisa, it could take a while to feel a lot better but maybe to need some help. Do you have antibiotics or an inhaler? Go back to your GP if you need to. It must be difficult knowing that you have health issues but work in the community. Hope things improve for you. Xxxxxx

  • welcome to the group , every one is different on how long it takes to feel better after an infection and by the sound of it you had a bad one being in hospital for 3 weeks , hope you soon recover

  • Hello Louisa and welcome. Sounds like you've had a pretty nasty chest infection! If you were relatively fit and active prior to becoming ill, it shouldn't take too long as long as you have the right meds and don't try to rush things. I hope that you're feeling much better soon.

    Take care. Pam XXX

  • Hi Louisa, we are all different,but please don't worry. Stay fit and eat well and hopefully that will get you back on the road to workxxx😊

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