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I've had COPD for several years now but last November i had a viral infection which i think has affected my breathing saw my Doctor last thursday & he took me off Spiriva & put me on a new inhaler told me to go for a Xray which i did on friday got a phone call today to say they've found a slight shadow & i've go have a CT scan needless to say i'm really worried the scan will be in about 2 weeks but do i tell my sons and best friend now or wait till i've had the scan bearing in mind i feel a need to confide in someone close to me

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  • Hi dajomar, I would go with your instinct, which is to confide in your nearest & dearest. That will take some of the worry from you & they will give you invaluable support.

    Good luck with your scan & come back & let us know how things are.

    Thinking of you & take care of yourself 🌼

  • Thank you Jessy I will let you know how I get on

  • Hi dajomar, sorry you have to go through this. Hard decision about who to tell. I think if it were me and i had the choice between children and a good friend, I would tell the friend in confidence and leave telling your sons til after the scan - but that's just me and I can't really answer for you. You do need an outlet but that way you'd have one but could protect your sons til you have something definite to tell them, one way or the other.

    I hope the CT scan gives you the best possible results, please do let us know. Take care.

  • O2 Trees thank you I will let you know how I get on

  • I'm sorry I understand your fear and some on hear have been through the same it's very difficult situation if you tell your son and play it down he will still worry but you do have to talk about it to some one.

    Good luck with your scan I do hope your results come back ok

  • Thank you onamission I don't think I'll be telling my son's just yet so I will probably tell my best friend she makes me laugh which I need at the moment.

  • Everyone needs a friend with a sense of humour so pleased you have one but you know we are always hear if you need us

  • Thanks to all of you who replied I will let you know the result of my scan

  • That's what friends are for Dajomar and you can repay her by being there for her when she needs it. Good luck with your scan and remember that a shadow doesn't necessarily mean anything drastic.

  • Hope the scan goes well and do confide in those close to you. It's good to have support at this time. Wishing you well. Xxxx

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