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Hi everyone. Thanks for such a warm welcome. Went back to docs today...pleurisy...back up to 40mg pred from my maintenance of 10mg...and doxy for another week...i updated my profile with conditions n treatments..well the important ones...take forever go through it all again..my ild/pulmonary fibrosis is quite new..diagnosed middle last year...comes under the group of idiopathic interstitual pneumonitis...will cross fingers n hope doxy works...if not be hosp n i.v antibiotics for me as i have so many allergies to other ab's...going to try camomile tea tonight hopefully help settle me...Keep well everyone and thanks for listening...leona x

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  • It's a good job you went Leona, my Aunt had that and she said it was very painful. Get well soon.xx

  • Hope everything works for you Leona and you feel better soon. Take care xxxxx

  • " wishing you will be feeling a lot better once the medications kick in. I've just got over pleurisy and a few other infections. I so empathize with you..pleurisy is a very painful condition. Lighting a candle for you..Megan..."

  • Sorry to hear you have pleurisy, Leona. Glad you went to your doctor & you now have meds to help your condition.

    Keep in touch & join in with our chats. Get well soon 🌷

  • Hope your medication works well for you.......and I hope that you are feeling much better soon. Take care. Pam XXX

  • Sorry to hear about the pleurisy Leona,it's is very painful I empathize I had it a few weeks ago meds did help enjoy the camomile tea take care God bless naresh62X

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