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No appetite

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Mums very breathless today she has been very sleepy today not eaten much and it's not like mum she's had an appetite recently even with her bein porly but today she's not had anything just gave her a small trifle and she's managed that but with her being a diabetic and being in insulin it's difficult but mums refused oxygen again her levels are low she said she will have it on later which isn't good but I can't force mum like I keep mentioning it's her choice but today is a bad day for her I asked if she would like me to fone a doctor and the answer was no so what else can I do for her x

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You can phone a doctor and get help for you as well as your mum. This is wearing you down so please get help. Xxxxxxx

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you certainly need to stay well,so please see a doctor,you are wearing yourself outxxx

The others are right, you need support with this.

Hi I agree with the others. You have to think of yourself as well as your mum. Maybe a syringe driver would be a good option for her? If she would keep it in of course. Call for help please. x

Chezzy, I don't think your Mum can make the decision herself whether to call the doctor. I think you have to just go ahead & get his advice for both your sakes.

You need help with your Mum & you deserve to get it. Call her GP tomorrow & have a chat & ask if you can get some support.

Take care & look after yourself. 🌸

Yes I'm goin to thankyou xxx

I agree what your saying about the choice being down to your mum however, if you think it's serious enough for a GP visit I should do so. It may be your mum needs a clinical re-assessement by her GP. I take it your mum has COPD? I know you've mentioned she is a diabetic- if your mums Sp02 is around 88-92 this is manageable for most with COPD but any lower is not good. My advice would be to call 111 and get some help or ask for an out of hours GP or make an appointment for her GP to call out today if things don't improve... try and get as much help as you can in order to take some of the strain off yourself. Good luck!

Good morning Chezzy,

You really have to telephone for a Doctor. I don't think your Mum is capable of making her own decisions at the moment, and you are being worn down with worry. Denying her the right to make her own decisions is doing the right thing at this time for all your sakes. Please get help. Some sound advice on here for you. Please keep in touch.


Hi chezzy

It's foxy79 as we texted before I'm 80% sure your mum might have respiratory type2 it's like co2 goes high you feel sleepy no appetite shortness of breath moody don't feel like to do anything it's best you talk to your consultant and get her a blood test abg it's more accurate they can say exactly what's wrong with her as hope it's not you have to consider hat age as well I live with it day to day I know how challenging it is and hard it can be nothing can replace your health money food car woman etc sorry if I have said or upset you wasn't my intention just wanted to help thanks

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Chezzyy66 in reply to Foxy79

Hi no you haven't upset me and thankyou for the advice take care x

Hi Chezzy66, it is very concerning when mums are so ill but you have to respect their wishes as you say you can't force anyone to eat. Maybe the food is making her feel more breathless just the effort of chewing & swallowing. You need support from the GP maybe she could have fortisips but you need a prescription for them. Take time for yourself you need to recharge your batteries and what will be will be you cannot be around &alert 24 hours a day. You are giving your all xx

I do feel for you sweetheart. It is so difficult to get the balance right re your Mum's choices and your own wishes and desire to do the best you possibly can for you Mum (which you are doing in bucket loads). I so agree with your friends above, you really need much more support. As Katie has said with the best will in the world you can't be alert all the time. I am concerned about your own health and wellbeing as well as that of your dear Mum. Please hun contact your GP and any other allied care workers you have access to. If yiou get more help it may mean you can have more quality time with your Mum and lessen the stress. Has your Mum got a Matron - might be an idea to ask the doc.

Withing you both well Chezzy.

love cx

Just a small addition I know your mum's diabetic but is she allowed a protein drink? Enshakes are 600 calories in one drink I hope this helps Big hugs to you X X X

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