Still struggling😩


I've had the dreaded chest infection this past week,used my rescue meds,my neb helped me through.

But I'm still coughing up bucket loads.

I can't walk much further than 10 steps without panicking thinking I can't breath.

I'm scared to lie down,as my cough becomes worse.and to top it off I think I may have pulled a chest muscle as I have coughed so much,I am now in agony with a pain on my right hand side when I move.

Think it's time to go back to docs


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  • Definitely back to the doc Fantasy. When you are panicking try breathing as slowly as you are able, and concentrate on breathing OUT so the air trapping that happens doesnt get so much that there is no room for more air to be breathed in.

    Sounds like you should do a sputum test if you haven't already. Ive done that muscle pull thing - it's awful, you have my sympathy there. Hope the GP can fix you up - I don't remember if you have copd or bronch or both. With bronch the initial ABs should be given for two weeks, not one. Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi.

    I have severe copd.

    Thanks for the advice.x

  • Good luck :)

  • Yes I would go back to the doctor. You have a virus as well, which will make things worse. Hopefully time will help, and try good breathing exercises. I recently had two weeks on the meds and still felt bad and hurt my lower back coughing. still recovering. good luck and try not to panick, let us know how you get on. Do you live alone? Lo

  • sorry you may have a virus as well x

  • Think that's a good idea. Seems as though it's going on forever doesn't it. Good luck.....I hope that you get sorted. XXX

  • Hi

    My word you really have been suffering ,and considering you are on rescue meds and still feeling as you are ......I think if it was me I'd be on the phone to the GP first thing as you say

    Really hope things get better for you , let us know how things go


  • Do go back to your GP Fantasy as you are not improving. Pete could never lay down if he had an infection because his cough would get worse.

    Wishing you well. Xxxx

  • Back to the doctors :)

  • Yep get yourself back to the docs pronto Fantasy. I hope you are feeling better very soon. x

  • Dear Fantasy, you sound like you've had a really bad infection. Maybe you need another course of abs or a different one altogether, to see you through.

    Please speak to your GP who I'm sure will be able to help you.

    Take care of yourself, keep warm & let us know how you get on. Get well soon 💐

  • Hello Fantasy, yes it's time you got back to the doctors!! More ab's bet you had Amoxicillin, if so you probably need more or something stronger.Hope you feel much better soon, try getting copious amounts of Manuka honey and Elderflower into yourself every day, huff xxx

  • Hi hufferpuffer.

    I am allergic to have to take erythromycin.

    I'm feeling a lot better this morning.

    Will put docs visit on hold for now.


  • Am in exactly same position with chairs placed at intervals to allow me to get to the loo and kitchen to make a cuppa! I have a GP appointment on Thursday and just hope I can last until then. Do get a Drs appointment although it isnt easy let us know how you get on. Thinking of you. Sandra

  • I'm sure you will last until Thursday.😊

    As I am feeling a bit better,(and can make it to the kitchen/loo),will see if I continue to improve by myself.

    I really don't want to take another course of ab's if I can avoid it.

    Good luck for Thursday.


  • Thanks best of luck to you too! Sandra

  • How are you doing now? It really bothers me when people don't give an update after so long of a time.

  • Hi rivca.

    I'm not too bad.had and still have a very annoying cough.had 2 lots of ab's...still have to keep clearing my throat,and we are off on our holidays this week,to scotland(never been,always wanted to breathe the air)😊So I've taken it upon myself to start another course of ab's as I want to have a cough free holiday,just hoping they work.

    I'm sorry for not giving an update.

    We moved home in April,had an awful lot of personal worry happening at the time.

    But all's good now.

    Lots of love

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