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Well I have just checked mums oxygen level it was 42 I said mum it's dangerously low you must have your oxygen on if only for a bit at first she refused but with a bit of persuading she has got her oxygen on but she says it's not stayin on for long I've told her that is a very low dangerous level but she didn't respond to it and just looked at me oh I hope she manages to keep it on to bring the levels up a little looks like I will be having a sleepless night but it's my mum I love her and I will be their for her x

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  • Dear Chezzy hope your Mum keeps her oxygen on. Will help her sats & give you peace of mind. I hope you manage to get some sleep. Thinking of you 🌸

  • Of course you love her dearly and you only want what is the very best for her. Do you feel you can tell her she is hurting you or is it too much to bear? I don't know what to suggest but I hope someone will come on here very quickly and have the answer for you. I hope you can get some rest tonight.


  • This must be so very worrying for you Chezzy. We are all thinking of you. I hope your Mum keeps her oxygen on & she brings her SATS up Does she say ( or do you already know) why she doesn't want her oxygen on?

  • She has already told me and my brother she wants to be with dad my dad passed last year and so yes we have an idea why she doesn't want to use the oxygen plus with her Alzheimer's it's difficult for her to understand the importance of using it xx

  • Kevin123 puffs. Oh my heart goes out to you all that's left for you is to be there and know that you have done your best,God bless you xx

  • Oh dear Chezzy not good. It sounds like she has had enough and I don't blame her. I am thinking about you and wishing your lovely mum all the best.

    I had this with my father. Oh he didn't have any serious health problems except old age, but he decided he wanted out and had enough of living. It's very hard to accept coz you want to do your best to help and keep them alive. x

  • Thinking of you and your Mum tonight.

  • I hope your mam keeps the oxygen on and brings her says up. You must be so very worried. I am thinking of you all, and praying everything works out for you. God bless you all xxx Berny

  • I really don't know what to add, Chezzy, except a big hug xxx

  • I would imagine with stats that low that she won't be around for long is she on hospice?

  • Bless you and your dear mum Chezzy, hope her sats rise and she will be more alert. Try and rest when you can. Xxxx

  • Hi bless you mate mums everything in the world as I have copd and respiratory type 2 bronchitisis asthma on Bibep nublizer oxygen I'm 37 years old my oxygen level is in 88-92 that's hard to keep in range I still struggle how she does it's very dangerous mate you need to set a alarm like hospital when it drops by 70 makes noise as it will be very hard to revive at that age has she got copd? It's very hard to live with the illness hope things workout for you and mum need advice text me my name foxy

  • Hi and bless you you're at such a young age to have a serious illness yes my mum has copd and pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonale she also has Alzheimer's that's why it's so difficult mum is very breathless today and very tired she has refused to have her oxygen on to help with the breathlessness I can't force her as she still has some mental capacity it's very hard but mum is very stubborn and set in her ways she's had enough of suffering that's why I think she is refusing the oxygen I have a oxomiter and I have set the alarm to go off but mum isn't worried I encourage her to put it on but all I keep getting from mum is I will in a bit x

  • Hi does it effect her in in other health ways if she puts oxygen like I give u a example myself I got respiratory type2 I put Bibep to much oxygen built co2 and Bibep takes corbonmoxide out

  • Chezzy love, if she wants to be with your Dad, as she has told you both, then speaking for myself of course, I would not want to hold her back particularly since her quality of life is so poor. Ask yourself whether you are running yourself ragged for her, or because you can't bear to part with her. Death is not the end and when life is no longer to be borne death comes as a friend - the tears are falling as I type this because my heart breaks for you and for any in your position - I have been there.

  • Hi Chezzyy66. You don't say how your mum's oxygen is delivered (or I have missed it). My oxy nurse told me years ago that many people do not comply in using oxygen and said that sometimes it is because the method of delivery or a particular cannula or mask does not suit them. I have small features and it took a while and lots of trial and error to find a comfortable cannula that did not drop out in my sleep. Is mum using a mask? Is it comfortable for her? Have you asked about alternative makes/models? You are doing a marvellous job and she is so lucky to have you. xx

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