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Newly diagnosed Stage 1 Type A Adenocarinoma

This being said , l am trying to find out the treatment they have decided for me as l am inoperable so they say , well it is my right upper lobe wall , l have two nodules that are 1.8 cm and .0.9 cm so they want me to start SBRT treatment on January 11 th , ls it just me or does anyone else find this absurd ?? Does this actually work and what kind of side effects could happen ?? l am also (NED) on Brain Scan and (NED) on Pet Scan . any kind of help would be greatly appreciated . Thank You All In Advance ,God Bless You All xoxo

Jennicare from Canada

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Hi Jennicare and welcome. I'm sorry, I can't help with your diagnosis because I have never heard of it before. I think that the fact not many will have heard of it, may be why you haven't had a response so far.

Hopefully, someone might come along who has some knowledge of your situation xx


Awe thank you Casper ,profoundly considerate , l understand !!!

Sending Great Vibes Your Way xoxo

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I am sorry but I cannot help you with your diagnosis, so cannot offer anything except a welcome. If you look under the Topics section to the right & click on the topic lung cancer you may find some help. Best wishes & the very best of luck. Penny xx


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