copd and esa assessments Maximus dont take into account how poorly people really are

Hiya i have had copd for 11years i was only 33 i have managed it with the use of inhalers i had a esa assement in november 2016 which was done by Maximus i never had a qiestionare form or anything the assesser came across a nice young person she even gave my daughter who was with me a phone number to get hypnotised she said it would cost £150 PER Session i explained i only recieve £144 every 2weeks but she said it can help with my anixiety and depression then i recieve letter from DWP saying ive scored 0 points and not entitled to esa i am putting a appeal in has i am not fit to sign jsa


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27 Replies

  • Good for,these people just do not listen to what we say. Good luckxxx😊

  • Thanks i think i need some luck

  • Take any letters appointment cards or coppies of prescription. It all helps it it's what I had to do when I appealed xx

  • I will do thanks

  • Hi I am sorry to hear this. As I am sure you are aware it is not the illness itself which is important but how it affects you. Did you also claim for anxiety and/or depression as well?

    You need to appeal as the majority of these are successful. Seek advice for filling in the form from CAB or a disabilities helpline as how you word it is very important. You also need to get written evidence from your doctor/consultant/counsellor etc. x

  • Yeah i told them everything and they affect me but the assesser waa to busy talking about her been off work with depression the dwp said they are not changing the decision and are agreeing with the assesser

  • I was the same I got o points and appeal and I won and getting back pay form when I frist claimed so good luck

  • Thats great news i hope i get somewhere i honestly dont know which way to turn house and family to run is a right struggle cant even make ends meet

  • Try and get a letter form your doctor or copd that's what I did

  • My doctor said he will back me up has i am not lying about my illness he woildnt issue sick notes out thats whats the maddening thing a gp has known me for a lot of years then a assesser who hasnt a clue about me can say the oppisite to a professonal person is beyond me

  • Hard thing is you still have to eat and pay bills till you get the money back if they decide you are entitled to it.

  • Here is some help with the appeal.

    This step-by-step guide looks extremely helpful. It was written and produced by Advicenow with funding from the Ministry Of Justice through the Litigant in Person Support Strategy.

  • Thank you i have downloaded it i will read through it i hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel my doctor will not give me another sick note has he showed me a letter of dwp stating i am fit for work he is not happy one bit and said he will back me up

  • Any chance of pinning this to the board?

  • Hi

    It's is pinned under abbreviations and links.

    Note it's a PIP appeal not ESA.

  • That sounds just right for the ones who come to you and say they are doc from pip as my son who has been dienose has being back wards and so on but had a medical like you and sored 0 points as far as they are consernd he is nomal and he can do every thing but cant do anything not even go to shop which is two streets away

  • They are horrible they are discrediting the gps these aint medical doctors and has they write down you can sit or uae a phone or watch tele you are fit for work they will be taking from there death beds and tell them they are fit for work the stress theyve put me under is unbearable while these pen pushers get well payed i emailed maximus and complained has they get payed to assess you not talk about there own proberlms .i hope she gets sacked for breeching the codes of practice

  • Hi shez72 have you DIAL in your area. They helped me with all my forms. They are so helpful and are knowlegable.

  • Can't emphasise enough. As an ex CAB volunteer use their services. As has already been stated by several others-it is how your illness affects your abilities that count. CAB are experts st taking on the assessors at their own game,

  • Hi people, i mean what is going on with this government!! Cutbacks, cutbacks most people are genuinely unwell and unable to work so are entitled to assistance, great britain yea right?

  • Hi

    Help with ESA appeal.

  • good luck with your appeal hope it works out ok for you , you can ask the dwp for a copy of the report the assessor made when you had the medical to see what she wrote about you , I rang and asked for a copy of mine it was here with in two days I was lucky I got a good one but when mother in law had her assessment every thing she told the doctor the doctor wrote something different down ,

  • I had no problem getting ESA but everyone is different. True the anxiety takes over sometime, did you not get a letter from your gp of hospital consultant to help. No way I could sign on. I study from home. Perhaps that is something to consider.

  • I had an interview for ESA, not COPD related, my sin cane with me.

    The girl was really friendly and sympathised with me on my conditions and yakked on for most of the interview about vitamins and diet. Got my results and I got 6 points.

    Sheep in Wolfe's clothing. That's what they are. xx

  • that very nice lady was probably a woolf in sheep's cloths sorry to hear you were turned down for pip hope you appeal

  • Hahaha, flaming predictive text. x

  • I had an interview for ESA...I went on and on about my COPD...but only a little about my anxiety..I got 0 points..I appealed and went to court...this time I obviously spoke about my COPD but I told them more about my anxiety...I won my case and got back pay.


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