Nasal v lungs ??

Hi it's me again the gross mucus one, I am still struggling with copious amounts of the damn stuff. Today is a terrible day as I have picked up a dreadful col but as the mucus picked up speed I took in a couple of sputum samples both which came back negative as per usual but as I am laid here in bed I'm convinced there is something lurking in my head nose or throats chest or all if I tip my head back I can feel it literally running to the back of my throats and my nose always feels bunged up and dirty, it's rare they ever pick up anything from a sample is there no other way they can check on what's going on, my lung X-rays never show much change except from the radiotherapy scarring, I swear this developed from starting to use oxygen ?? Any views anyone xxx

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  • Hi sorry to hear this. Maybe it's your sinuses which are the problem? Have you had these checked out? x

  • I agree with cough that it sounds like Post Nasal Drip.

    I have suffered for 11 years with it and it started after I had a cold that kept going and coming over a 6 week period.

    Have you tried taking a daily antihistamine?

    You need to see your GP about trying a nasal spray. It's an horrendous thing to put up with and exhausting. xx

  • Hi Casper, I have been to see ent they had a quick look up my nose n throat with a small scope n said everything seemed fine no polyps etc and that it was probably my broncheatasis that was main cause they were quite pompous I've been struggling with it for over 6 years but it's gradually getting worse there is so much of it know I'm at a loss x thanks I've tried a few antihistamine n sprays but not much luck. Carol

  • Hello Carol. Could it be post nasal drip? Sinusitis can be dreadful. I had it for years had an operation even and although it is a lot better never completely went away. Having a CT scan of your sinuses will show if there is a build up there or not. Have you ever seen an ENT about it? Is it worse in winter? I know how you must feel. It is truly dreadful to have gunk running down the back of your throat.

    Please let us know how things go. Take it easy.

    Cas xx 😃

  • Hi Casio, thanks for replying as you will see what I've put in my reply to Casper I'm just shunned off when I go to ent I've never had a scan of my sinus but it has got so out of hand I'm at my wits end , my breathing thankfully isn't too bad but I darn do or go anywhere for long because of it , xx Carol

  • Carol, I cannot quite understand how the ent not want to rule out through solid evidence of testing that your sinuses are not a problem. Is this just one ent or have you tried others? Is there anyone who can accompany you say a family member who knows first hand your struggles who can help explain to the consultant? A bit of support for you as well. I really feel for you. xx 🌹

  • Hi, I saw two different ones about a year apart caspiana and both did exactly the same scope up my nose had a look also at my throats but just said in similar words it's more likely to be the broncheatasis that is pushing up to the back of the nose and throat, but I told them that when I'm not moving around with my head slightly back I can feel giant glugs going down what feels like to me from the back of my nose into my throat, if I feel it I obviously swallow but if I'm busy and don't feel it it then goes to my stomach/lungs then I have to hack or wretch it out, sorry it's gross story but fact. It sometimes last hours vomiting n hacking it out and exhausting too , I don't mean a couple of hours sometimes 6/7 hours !! It's horrendous, thanks for trying to help xx carol

  • Sounds like me i was admitted to hospital with my sinuses had it for weeks also chest infection n water infection all at the same time just a suggestion i use a hymalayen salt pipe which are really good otherwise salt water in a netti pot will help with the mucus in your nose sinus infections can last for weeks and make you feel miserable hope this helps x

  • Hi snazzypants, yes I've used the rinse and it does ease it albeit only temp , than I began to wonder if it was making matters worse because when I do a rinse the is a huge amount comes out and seems to open an unstoppable floodgate what happens with you, thanks Carol x

  • I have post nasal drip and take anti histamine and use a nasal spray. Although it hasn't stopped the drip, the amount seems to have been reduced.

  • Have you tried carbosycteine tablets? They work for some in drying up mucous etc

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