Different day

Today has been so different from yesterday mums been very sleepy again today mum refused her oxygen last night I was worried sick all night hardly had any sleep all night her levels this morning where 59 and have been about 63 today still refusing to wear it today so she's promised to wear it later so we will see I don't know how she's surviving on oxygen that low does anyone know

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  • So very, very hard for you. Impossible to know what to do and how to help her. Does she seem distressed, or in pain? If not then maybe she has simply had enough of the struggle?

    Love and hugs

    K x

  • No she's not distressed just a bit breathless if she walks to the toilet but not in pain or she says she's not I'm sure I would know if the pain was bad xxx

  • I'm glad about that, it would be unbearable otherwise.

    K x

  • Your mum doesn't understand things fully but isn't it amazing how the body seems to cope when it needs to.,

    Try and take care of yourself too Chezzy and best wishes to you and your mum. Xxxxx

  • Thankyou xx

  • Don't forget to care for you Chezzy. It is good that your Mum is not in pain. Do you have anyone to turn to?

  • My husband is here with me he's my rock xxx

  • ..and you need him Chezzy. I wish you strength in the days to come.


  • That's good you've got your hubby with you, precious times, you must look after yourself and get cuddles from your Rock, take care xxxx

  • Just been through something similar with my mum, it's very hard but just be there and love her. That's all she really needs. Much love xxx

  • You have tryed everything but no joy so best thing is to let her live her life now the way she wants to BUT BE THERE WHEN SHE NEEDS YOU MORE .GOD BLESSYOU AS HE WILL BE THERE WHEN YOU NEEDS HIM .

  • Hello Chezzie. It must be very hard for you at the moment. It's amazing how she even manages to get to the bathroom on such low oxygen. I am hoping you both can talk about the lovely times you've had. Hold her everyday. It will help you both. Hang in there. Thinking of you both today.

    Cas xx 🌹

  • Chezzie dear, just hang in there - you are doing everything possible and, as diesel said, just love her; there truly comes a time when love is all we need.

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