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My mum has been diagnosed with severe emphysema she's had a lung infection for 8 weeks doctors keep giving her steroids and antibiotics which fail to do anything infact this last week she has really gone down hill she can hardly walk without stopping to get her breath it's heartbreaking to see how in a few weeks she's deteriorating, she's got a ct scan Sunday and doctor yet again Tuesday is there anything anyone can suggest or has anyone else found doctors don't do enough to help ? Many thanks

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When was she diagnosed and how? If she was ill with lung infection that can skew her results.

Whilst she is so poorly with lung infection she will be struggling more. Last year I had 4 months of a lung infection and certainly struggled to walk anywhere. You may well find once she is recovering from lung infection she will start to pick up again. NB even when she is infection free it will take some time for her to pick up again after being so poorly.


Thankyou she's had it for a while but only been diagnosed as severe after having tests at hospital, it seems as though she's gone from being fine to so poorly so fast like you say hopefully once infection has gone she will start to feel brighter, thing is she's had so many steroids and antibiotics they don't seem to help is it just a waiting game for infection to clear up ? Also am worrying invade it's something more sinister as she's lost over a stone and a half in 8 weeks she has ct scan Sunday thankyou for listening x


Welcome Foxylisa and sorry to hear about your mum being so poorly. Bevvy is right, your mum may improve when the infection has cleared.

Thinking of you both. Xxxx

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Thankyou x


Hi sorry to hear about your mum. It is common for those with emphysema to lose weight in the later stages. If she continue to lose it and becomes underweight you might want to consider asking her doctor for build up such as Ensure or Complan etc. These are very high in calories and have all the vitamins in. x


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