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Hi everyone, not gd start to new year for me. 2nd week with pneumonia - never had it before. Have flu jab every year due to oxygen dependent scoliosis sufferer. I last had pneumonia jab 7 years ago - usually given every 10 years but do any of you have the pneumonia jab more frequent? Awaiting advice from gp so will let you know how it goes. If hadn't had X-ray wdnt know I'd got it - no cough, wheezing - just bit more breathless & tired.

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  • Not remotely an expert but I think there are many different types of Pneumonia, so the vaccine will only cover one common type. Sorry to hear that you are not well. I too only recently realised that you can have Pneumonia without coughing.

    Look after yourself,

    All the best for 2017.


  • Thank you katinka and all the best to you too for 2017.

  • There is currently a discussion about this here:

  • Hi mich11020 , I had the pneumonia shot 5 yrs. ago, plus a newer better one, they came out with this past year. Feel better soon. Hope 2017 starts looking better for you! Ruby🌹

  • Thank you ruby - am going see my gp next week as the hospital respiratory team told me today that I should prob have vaccine every 5 years.

  • It's sounds as if it's walking Pneumonia but I'm not a Doctor. Get well soon.

  • Thanks marvin - I've got bacterial pneumonia - 5 days in hospital and another week of antibiotics left & then I hope it buggers off & lung X-ray is clear next month.

  • I had my first 5 years ago then again last week because I am on the transplant list. X

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