wheezing after lung scan


I have been having chest pain and i went to the ER 2 days ago. My d-dimer was high, so they suspected a lung clot.

I had an xray and ECG, both were fine, so i was dismissed. I went to the hospital yesterday because it was getting worse, so they did a Pulmonary Ventilation perfusion Scan.

they had me breathe in a radioactive gas, and they injected me with a radioactive dye. i immediately felt a sharp pain in my left lung and a burning sensation in my stomach, the radiologist said i was just being anxious.

three hours later my results came out and they said my lungs looked fine. However, ever since the test, i have been wheezing when coughing, and i can feel the wheezing in my left lung.

I woke up today wheezing when i exhale and cough. I dont want to go back to the hospital if i am just being paranoid but im also worried. I have been feeling impending doom the last few days and i dont know what to do.

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  • Go back to the hospital, it will put your mind at rest and stop you worrying. Its doing you no good worry over things,you know your own body and if you think there is something wrong then please go back to the hospital. Keep in touch and let me know hoe you are. Take care love Bernyxx

  • Get checked out again reemie in case something has not been picked up. Hope you can put your mind at rest. Take care xxxxx

  • Hello Reemie. I would not dismiss it. If you feel there is something amiss please do go to the hospital. At least you know you've been checked out and can relax about it. Peace of mind is so.important for your well being. Please let us know how it goes. Take good care.

    Cas xx 🌹

  • Hi just googled it and saw this

    'There is a slight risk for infection or bleeding at the site where the needle is inserted. The risk with perfusion scan is the same as with inserting an intravenous needle for any other purpose'.

    Get it checked out. x

  • Hello Reemie, please don't sit there with a sense of impending doom. Go back and get things checked out. And good luck. x

  • Go back and get checked out ,don't leave it. tell as the out come.x

  • A PE would not necessarily show on an X-Ray on ECG. So I am surprised that they discharged you with raised D-Dimer. However, a normal V/Q scan should rule out acute or chronic Thromboembolic disease, CTED. I am also surprised you did not have a CTPA Scan, as that is one of the best ways of looking at the perfusion of lungs and it would also pick up any other lung problems. However, a normal CTPA does not rule out CTED.

    So you do have conflicting evidence: D-Dimer versus a normal V/Q. Not to mention your ongoing symptoms.

    The symptoms of PEs are breathlessness, pleural pain, which is caused by the clots pressing on the pleural area, and occasionally coughing up blood.

    I think this sense of "doom" that you talk about can also be present. I was spared that.

    So all I can suggest is that you monitor your symptoms carefully, and if you are not satisfied go to your doctor. It helps, I think, to have a little bit of mild scepticism about the interpretation of scans. The last two scans I had were wrongly interpreted by two different consultant radiologists. The first one meant that my CTED went undiagnosed for another year, the second one that crucial air-trapping was not picked up. The second time round I knew that things were not being picked up and politely asked for a second opinion, my consultant was happy to arrange that, and my suspicions were justified.

    Good luck


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