Do any of you have problems with your nails?

Do any of you have problems with your nails?

I've had problems with my nails for years now. They turned slightly yellowish, came away from the nail bed, and now I can clip them much further down then I could before I started having problems. The problems first occurred in my toenails and now I have it in my finger nails too.

Anyway, I was wondering if this was something that was related to COPD, and if this was something that anyone else had problems with their nails too.

**Edit: I've attached a photo of my fingernails.**

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  • Hi

    May offer some help.

  • it does look a lot like that but the dermatologist said it was psoriasis (I think). I was just wondering if this was common with COPD.

  • Hi

    Psoriasis is a skin condition.

  • Hi, there have been previous posts about nails .....if you type nails into the search box at the top right hand corner of this page you can access the posts.

    Also the NHS Choices Website has an item on nail conditions.

  • Hi there, what you have described sounds like 'clubbing'. This is very common in people with IPF but I'm not sure if it also applies to COPD. I think it's caused by a lack of oxygen to the extremities. You'll find more information on the Internet by doing a search on 'clubbing and lung disease'.


  • Hi, i would try tea tree oil dabbed onto your nails. It is pretty good stuff an old remedy I know but, more than often will do the trick.


  • It's not correct to say that Psoriasis is just a skin condition. My daughter, who is now 45, had a problem with a finger nail when she was about10 years old. Prior to this she had had just a couple of skin patches treated , if I remember correctly, with a coal tar based cream. When the MO ( RAF Doctor) saw her nail he immediately said that it was a fungal infection & wanted to remove the nail !!!! I insisted on seeing a Dermatologist & he confirmed that it was Psoriasis. The treatment involved steroid injections under high pressure into the base of the nail - extremely painful but over very quickly & more importantly, worked perfectly. I can't remember how many times it had to be done - no more than about six I would say, but altogether she had three affected nails treated in this way. I couldn't say if this treatment is still available & I should point out that this treatment was done at an RAF Hospital. A NHS Dermatologist who saw what Joanne was having done told me that I wasn't fit to be her mother for putting her through it !!!!!! The fact remains that she didn't have to have her finger nails removed & the problem has never reoccurred.💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

  • Would be interested in finding out as I had emphasema but my oxygen levels are good I suffer with psoriasis and ridged and crumbly nails.

  • Jublianna, I have googled ( yes I know, I can hear people groaning as I write !!! ) 🙄 but the cortisone injections are still used as a treatment & it says that they are relatively painless as a form of anaesthetic spray is used first. I think a lot depends on the patient - as I said, my daughter was only about ten & she was brilliant . Her treatment was done at an RAF Hospital in Germany & I remember one young man coming out of the treatment room crying - but then that's men !!! 😂 He did have the grace to look embarrassed when he discovered Joanne was having the same treatment.

  • I've noticed a few peope have said they had ridged nails. My nails aren't ridged and I don't think they're clubbed either. I think it's either a fungal infection or psoriasis.

  • Rigged nails can usualy mean that you have been unwell and off your normal food needs. I had huge ridges on all my nails after ICU stay.

  • Yellowish nail tops are often a sign of lung disease and infection. Look it up on Google

  • I have the same problem, at this time, it's my little fingers and ring fingers. I have had it happen before, but then it grows out and becomes normal.

    I have gone onto the Mayo Clinic website awhile back. It said it could be caused by:

    as mrblue12 wrote, psoriasis, which I don't think I have since I don't have the scaly skin.

    Or taking certain medications. About 6 weeks ago, I started taking a new inhaler, and over the counter allergy med, so that could be the cause.

    I have noticed that those finger nails have more of a curling on the sides than my other nails.

    Clubbing is when the end of your fingers widen and the nails curve around the end of the fingers.

    The ridges along the length of the nail is do to age.


  • I've had problems with my nails for years now. It started in my big toe then affected other toenails then finally started affecting my fingernails. I am practically convinced that it's psoriasis at this point. Apparently fungal nail infections rarely affect the fingernails. Like I said, I don't have ridges in my nails and I don't think they are clubbed. the nails that aren't affected on my hands are completely healthy.

  • This infection....aspergillosis fumi or whatever it's called was found in blood test by infectious disease, my toes and now fingers horribly infected. Stuff growing out of every side of nails at truly scary rate.doc put me on vfend and I found recipe for vfend topical. I am scared to death and afraid to ask too many questions of him. At least he's doing something. He says not to cut fungus, just leave. Problem is I can't work with this stuff bulging out of all my fingers, so cut or hope it doesn't swallow my nails

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