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I'm back for a brief visit in case anyone thought I had died !!!

Hello everyone long time no post ! Just thought I'd pop by nothing major has happened since I last posted still on same mild diagnosis for COPD that I was back in 2011 only had 2 more spirometry tests the last being about a year ago. I've got sick n tired chasing them up to be honest ! I still argue with their diagnosis having suffered from Bronchitis since the age of 5 so as bronchitis comes under the COPD "umbrella" that means I have had COPD for almost 45 years ( shouldn't I be dead by now ? !) They ( the asthma nurses) keep going on about my cough yes I have had that 45 years too , the cough which is all day every day and sounds a lot worse than it is is still the same. I hardly have any chest infections only had 2 last year. I have more issues with my asthma but again these results come back fine ( I have regular peak flow tests) . Anyway I've droned on enough ! Happy New Year and hope to post soon that is if they can be bothered lol

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Hi Snoopy, hope you get someone to see sense and nice to meet you. Xxxx


Happy New Year to you too - lovely to hear from you and glad things sound pretty stable health-wise. All best wishes


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