Spirometry Result At Last!

Spirometry Result At Last!


Just got back from my Spiromtery test and it has come back as 'Mild Obstruction' which is what my X-ray suggested. Having looked at various results on here I understood some of it before the nurse explained. Could have been a lot worse age 47, lung age 56 :-) FEV1/FVC 77.3

I cannot see my doctor until next week as he is on holiday but will make a list of questions to ask so any you want to suggest, feel free :-)


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  • Hi Alison

    In many jurisdictions today/a few years ago here in the UK, those numbers would be considered 'well in' the normal range.

    But with symptoms, infection & smoking history with latest thinking they are likely to be right.

    If you weren't trying strenuous exercise you may not have noticed any affect for years.

    I'd casually ask why they didn't do the test after a Ventolin dose to determine whether it could be asthma - maybe it's so mild they don't think worth it.

    Usual advice - keep up the exercise - don't overdo it - keep weight ideal, good hygiene avoid colds as best you can - move to a better climate if that's feasible - you'll outlive Methuselah.

    Best wishes

  • Hi

    I said the same to the nurse. If I hadn't started running this may have surfaced at a much later stage and even be worse than it is now. I was given a Ventolin inhaler to use while I was waiting for my Spirometry test and it has no effect whatsoever so maybe they thought my symptoms did not point to Asthma? Will ask the doctor next week.

    I paniced at first when the doctor first said those dreaded letters COPD, but having been on here for the last 3 months and discussed this with one of the nurses from BLF I now realise it is not a death sentence. I am eating more healthy, lost a few pounds and am continuing to run. Fingers crossed that will hold off the onslaught of this :-)


  • Not sure if I read your reply right. Did they ask you to use inhaler first before the test? Every test bar one! I have had a test without inhalers and told to lay off if I can for at least 2 hours. Then have the first test without using ventolin, then take a number of puffs of ventolin and then have another in about 20 mins. Mine showed up Restrictive but the last test showed a little more obstructive than before. But they do agree that I have fibrosis and lung damage which may be from the asbestos exposure I had while working.

    I know it might sound a bit rude, but ask the GP what he knows about this condition and is there a COPD specialist in the practice?

    BE Well

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