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Thank you all so much for all of the replies,first of all what is a HOOF, sometimes I feel as though my respiratory team are not giving me the information I need,I've been on oxygen about 7/8 years,I honestly barely remember when it started but I was so ill but had to organize getting someone to my house to let oxygen suppliers in and all from my hospital bed,they were a very different company and so friendly and helpful to deal with ,although my needs have changed from BOC taking over the contract it just seems to be one hassle after another,they seem to be constantly putting barriers up to getting needs met,from getting the help with electricity costs,always have to ring because they haven't paid it on time,to having spare tubing in the house as it splits after awhile ,I am feeling very low about all of it and with other serious health issues to deal with too it's just something I really shouldn't be having to deal with,if you need to breathe ,then surely you should be allowed the e quip eat that you need,but maybe I should have realised things wouldn't be straightforward as I needed extra batteries for my xpo2 and I paid the money,the last of my savings went on them and I thought that it would be money spent worthwhile and hoped it would last for years,but got barely eighteen months,all so disappointing,had to go into debt for shed.

Tried contacting nurse today,no response so far,fingers crossed.

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Home Oxygen Order Form Stitcher - it's what your oxygen prescription is called, usually made out by a respiratory nurse.


Definitely phone BLF helpline in the morning, they can help you.

03000 030 555


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