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New year new lungs!!!

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Hi all i hope you had a great new year..things are moving rapidly since being referred to the royal brompton. I have numerous appointments on the 9th march. Got to have a VQ done,ct scan, LFT's then on ward by 2pm.. gonna be a busy day.. travelling down on 8th and staying in a hotel in sydney not far to travel on the anyone used the hospital car park? Is it easy to find? I know i have to book parking but can i use it for the day before also?.

Roll on March....2017 hopefully will be my lungs new life..more time with my sons..not been doing good last year and this either. Was ill over xmas and new year so no partying for

Stay strong.. lots of love


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Wishing you everything good dash. I believe there is limited disabled parking which is at the back of the hospital but not sure how long you can book it for.

Let us know how things go please. Xxxx

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dash2711 in reply to sassy59

I sure will do guys are my family now.

Hi, you can ring up & Pre book a parking space, the no is 02073518012, tell them you have appt & your staying in hospital hotel & they should give you a permit for the day before ...good luck x

Sorry to say No overnight stays only parking for appt time to be booked two weeks in advance. Very good use it regularly

Good luck with it all, I went on the active list in July last year, I go to wythenshaw, 2017 is hopefully our year x

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dash2711 in reply to southy

Good luck to you too.. fingers and everything else crossed for us!! This will be our year x

So pleased for you dash. Get over being ill - March will soon come. Wishing you well. Sue x

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dash2711 in reply to Watfordgirl

Thanks its been a long time coming..trying to keep well but its getting harder dont want to fall at the last furlong... will keep you guys informed..thabks for all your kind words. X

Hi Dash. Sorry you've been feeling rubbish. Hope you're feeling better soon and wishing you all the luck in the world for March. This will be your year. 😊😊😊

Take care. Pam XXX 🌹🌹🌹

Yes, Ive used the carpark (not as a patient, I had an exhibition in the cafe) and drove into one of the posts at the entrance - a small crowd assembled, not my best day. Cant tell you much else, sorry :D

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O2Trees in reply to O2Trees

But all my good wishes to you for March :)

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dash2711 in reply to O2Trees

Omg 02trees you are so made me giggle when i read your comment...will try not to run into any posts whilst i am there. Thanks again you are a breath of fresh pun

Hi dash2711 I hope you are feeling better soon, You seem to have a really positive attitude which I am sure will help you cope with everything. Good Luck with all your tests.

Take care.


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dash2711 in reply to PastMeBest

Thank you pastmebest. Got another bloody infection..feeling really bad with this one..been given more meds doxycycline 100 this time for 2 weeks..just wish they work..cant be too ill for the surgery again.

I know i am not fighting fit but i am still fighting...down but not out...

Good luck with it all dash. New year new lungs hopefully. Great. x

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dash2711 in reply to

Thanks coughalot..hope things work out for you too and also everyone on this wonderful site

Good luck for your transplant Dash, the future is looking bright xx

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dash2711 in reply to casper99

Yes still lil clouds but brighter. Thanks casper98. Hope your new year was fun. All my love for 2017

All very best of luck and good wishes for everything Dash x

Good luck Dash.

Good luckx

Actually I got an overnight parking permit for next day appt as I stayed at the Brompton hospital hotel the night need to ring up to confirm your appt & make sure you tell them your staying in hospital accomodation & hopefully you will get a permit, it's on first come basis so make sure your on the phone 2 wks before you need a space & hopefully you will get a permit..bit of a palava but worth it..good luck. x

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