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Oxygen levels


I'm still not winning with mum and her oxygen it was 54 this evening and been 74 during the day she will have it on for an hour and then she takes it off she's very sleepy during the day she sleeps most of the day her breathing gets very rapid sometimes and I think the worst I've just managed to persuade her to put it in but I can gaurantee it will be off soon surely it can't be doin her any good but the doctor knows and said it's mums choice just to keep encouraging her she wants to be left at home no hospital theirs nothing they can do really her pulse goes to 99 when her oxygen is low so her heart must be working very hard

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It must be so hard for you but maybe she has made a choice and as hard as it is for you the decision has to be hers. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time xx

Chezzyy66 in reply to diesel12

Surely it must be doing something to her body


I have you tryed hard love for her sake like if you do not keep it on then there is no need for you to stick a round or for anyone to come and see her as you will not need it .i know it will be hard to say that to her but you have tryd every thing els good luck

Does she thoroughly understand that using oxygen is protecting her organs from damage? If not then please explain this to her. It's important that we understand why we take the medications that we do, why exercise and good nutrition is vital as is drinking plenty of water and other non caffeinated drinks. Does she have access to a therapist, maybe having someone objective to talk to may help her work through her frustration.


Edit: Since posting this reply I have learned that mum has Alzheimer's so explaining will do no good. I realize that she is giving up and mostly needs to be kept comfortable.

Chezzyy66 in reply to grannyk3

Yes I have explained all of this to mum and so has the family but with mum also having Alzheimer's it is very difficult for her to understand the seriousness of the oxygen she gets very agitated when we try to explain to her about the dangers so it is very difficult

grannyk3 in reply to Chezzyy66

I am so sorry I didn't realize that your mum has Alzheimer's. Explaining won't help. What a difficult situation you're having to bear.......perhaps you could benefit from talking to a therapist. It seems the only thing you can do is to try and accept your mum wanting to let go and make your remaining time together as pleasant as possible. Play her favorite music, talk of happier times past, look at pictures and other nostalgic goodies together - even if she may not grasp what is going on. Keeping with a routine daily helps keep you balanced and in control e.g. saying good morning, opening blinds going about the in cheerful (subdued) way......even though you don't feel it goes a long way to improve a difficult time.

Chezzyy66 in reply to grannyk3

Thankyou she is still eating but not drinking so much mainly because she forgets it's their I keep giving her lots of cups of tea and her favourite juice but I can't force her I used to be a senior carer in dementia so I know how hard it is but wen it's your own family member it's heartbreaking x


Well I mentioned the word 'Hospice' the other day. It is very different from a hospital and apparently they are laid back and concentrate on positivity. Could be worth a thought. x

I think Mum needs professional advice and she must listen. It's hard at times, I'm on 24/7 oxygen but can't do without it. I'm concerned about the numbers you give, mine do drop as far as 49 after exercise but go back up when I sit and relax. Go and see someone soon.

She is at home Chezzy which is what she wants so she can only be kept comfortable. Is there help you can get with that? Thinking of you and your dear mum. Xxxxxxx

Your having a tough time watching your mum struggling with the oxygen ,it must be uncomfortable for her ,and a difficult and upsetting time for you ,my thoughts are with you .

I agree with most posts on here she does need it explaining to her by a professional the reason she is tired is because she is taking the oxygen off so making her heart work overtime. I am on oxygen 24/7 but lead a fairly active life, you don't say how old your mum is maybe you could get her onto a pulmonary rehab course they explain everything to you and you meet lots of people with the same problems imam sure it would give her a much needed boost. Thinking of you at this difficult time you will get a log of support on this forum

All the best to you both for 2017 let us know how you get on

Love Sue x

Chezzyy66 in reply to Scud

My mum is 74 they have offered all if this to mum but she's refused everything she is on palliative care now I have done everything possible to explain to mum but I think she is giving up in her own way even the doctor agrees so it's just a case of keeping her comfortable as much as possible

Scud in reply to Chezzyy66

So sorry I did not realise my heart goes out to you it is so hard to care for your loved ones I went through it with my husband. All you can do is be there for them thinking of you take care xxx

Mardi in reply to Scud

How can she remember if she has Alzheimers? She might not be able to remember what you said ten seconds before!Its no use saying that she must listen if she has severe Alzheimer's!

grannyk3 in reply to Mardi

I didn't realize she has Alzheimer's when I posted my reply.

Chezzyy66 in reply to grannyk3

Thank you

Sending you love and support vibes Chezzy. It's very sad for you to go through this. All I can say is that whilst she's asleep she is at home, cosy, at peace and comfortable. You would know if there's any pain. Perhaps in her way she's made her decision. My mum did in 2009. Her last words "thank you dear", she turned to face the wall of family photographs, refused to eat or drink anything until she quietly passed away. We always accepted that that's what she always wanted. Very emotional, mum didn't have Alzheimer's though. That's very tough indeed.

Thinking of you.

Chezzyy66 in reply to peege

Bless you and thankyou she has definitely chose to give up and nobody can change that decision that mum has made time is precious now with mum xx

peege in reply to Chezzyy66

Bless you too, your mum feels safe and knows you love her. I know my mum felt blessed. (No religion in our family, just love). ❤️

Hello Chezzy, this is so hard and sad for you. What Peege says is right, and I think you know that. One of the most difficult things to do is nothing, but just to be - be with your mum and reassure her.

Talk to her, be there, tell her all the things you want to say even if she seems not to understand. It is a precious time.

Thinking of you xx

Thankyou I'm very emotional at the moment but can't show mum my tears I live with mum and gave everything up to live with her myself and my husband my husband treats her like he would his own mum and we take it in turns at night to check on mum while she is asleep I know mum will probably just go to sleep one night and not wake up but I know she will be with dad and that's what she wants

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