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Hi my grandchild was admitted to hospital over 2 weeks ago as stoped breathing then antibiotics due to bronculitous and breathing machine then it turned to phenomena and they tyred to take of machine but ended up back on it they have stoped the antibiotics they HAVE NOT done any relevant tests and I'm over 150 miles from my daughter who's child it I's what can I do so it gets better someone please help point me in the right direction

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  • Oh dear, I don't know what to say, this is awful for you, your daughter and the little one. How old is s/he?

    I can only say that if it were me I'd be on my way but then I am able to and have a car. Does she have other children you could look after to share the load? She must be desperately worried.

    You could try emailing BLF for guidance and advice? I'm not sure if anyone's manning the ship after office hours but it's worth a try.

    Thinking of you and wishing for a speedy recovery for her/him, s/he's in the right place where they'll monitor his temperature and breathing. Peege x

  • Tonie please please focus on your dear grandchild getting better because that is what l am doing right now. Sending strength to you and your daughter.

    If you can get to her side then do otherwise its phone calls and sheer will to get through this.

    Bless you all. Xxxx

  • Can you arrange for a nurse or a doctor who is on the ward to ring you and explain what treatment your grandchild is being given, and then you can ask them questions and tell them how anxious you feel as well.

    I know how worrying it can be, all of my daughters suffered with lung problems when they were was in and out of hospital.

    Thinking of you

  • please concentrate on your grandchild, it must be so hard for you. We are all thinking about you all,take care and I really hope everything goes well for you all. Thinking of you. God bless and happy new yearxxx

  • So sorry to hear of this situation with your grandchild and your daughter. You must be going crazy with worry. If you are in a position to travel there, then obviously that would be good but if not, then can you talk to your daughter on the phone ? I hope you can make contact with your daughter one way or another and that your little grandchild makes a full recovery.

  • Thank you it'd not I can't travel I just need help in what to do ideal would like a second oppinon

  • Thank u everyone it's nice u take the time

  • hi Tonie how old is ur grandchild, the machine was it a incubator Tonie, and was the child given oxygen ,, i new twins at 10 days old both was took in hospital, one his lung had collapsed the other dx with mild bronculiteous, the latter outgrew his bronch n the one whos lung collapsed is a healthy big boy, try not to worry eh , if you can travel there i would if i was u, if u dont drive happen a relative r neighbour can get u there r a taxi , me i would go,,

  • Yes oxygen was 5% he was 8lb2oz overdue there was a problem with his placenta they have said it was bronculitas then phuoema then clouds on his lungs it's not I can't travel I'm 150 miles away I feel like they ain't doing it properly as he has no tests I really think he needs a second opinion and it's my daughters first child my first grandchild I needed advice of what I can do or move hostpital

  • hi was her placenta coming away in her pregnancy ,, you can move him if hes stable to travel only the con at the hospital can advice on that Tonie, is he of the oxy now Tonie and stable breathing on his own, which hospital is he in, you are entititled to a 2nd opinion on his care n how hes moniterd by them, you if i was you i would just go there and give her moral support and then you get it in on his care n 2nd opinion , theres no need to tell her ur on ur way just go ,, i would n see for meself ,, as its her 1st baby happen shes in shock thats were u as the elder n mum comes in to force and act on ur instincts as her mum n his gran, just go Tonie eh,, but them twins have never looked back n there weight was, 4 ,4, n 4, 5, there gran went n stayed with the twin on oxy till his discharge, just go eh,, for ur own peace of mind,,

  • the hospital were these twins was and had the best care st marys at manchester ,, fantastic the care they had,,

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