Chest Infection - still feeling ill

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can give me any advice. I am 35 and started feeling ill just over a week ago with a sore chest and hacking dry cough. I ended up in out of hours on Xmas Eve as my temperature had gone up to nearly 40, I had the chills and my chest was hurting so much. The Dr gave me a week's worth of Amoxicillin for bronchitis and said to use my blue inhaler when I need it. I am feeling better in myself (no temp, a little more energy) but my chest still hurts and I keep having horrid coughing fits. My chest is creaky still and when I lie down I am still getting that sort of bubbly, crackly sensation in my chest / throat. Should I be feeling better now? My parents and husband are on at me to go back to the GP but I am not sure. Could it just be a virus that I need to see out or is it worth seeing a Dr? Thanks

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  • I agree with your husband and parents you should go back its best to be safe than sorry.

    Take a sputum sample with you if you can so they know what they are treating

    Hope you feel better soon

  • I agree with Mandy. I always seem to! Hope you get a different antibiotic and feel better soon Sue x

  • I agree with others you should go back to Gp. Sometimes you need more than one course of antibiotics! If still symptomatic keep going back until better.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • See GP again if you can as could need different antibiotics. My son in law has coughed for weeks and now has Doxycycline to treat his chest infection. Get well soon. Xxxxx

  • Thanks everyone. I went and she said my chest is clear. It doesn't feel clear so I'm confused!! Will see how I go over the weekend. I'm just sick of feeling poorly! X

  • Every time I go to see the respiratory nurse and she checks my lungs.

    The first thing she says so far is that there's no crackle in my breathing and is delighted with that.

    If I were you I'd make that appointment.

    Not saying it's bad but get it checked.

  • Never seen your reply...glad you got it checked 😎

  • Never seen your reply...glad you got it checked 😎

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