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painful breathing

Hi. around a week ago I fell chest first on the edge of a sofa quite hard. my rib is hurts whenever i walk, rotate and can't really carry anything heavy without it being painful. yesterday in the evening my lungs started hurting when i breathe so i decided to go to a&e, where the gp literally listened to both left and right side of my chest for like 1 second at a time and said 'it's nothing'. sounded like he wanted to get rid of me asap. i also mentioned that I'm asthmatic so i get chest infections quite often, his answer was still 'it's nothing'

should i have it checked by another gp or just live with it? ;-)


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Hi, did the doctor in A and E offer you an X-ray when you told him / her that you had fallen and hurt your chest?

If I were you I would ask for another opinion.

Best wishes.

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Hope this will waylay your concerns, I fell and hurt my chest early in November, symptoms were like yours from the next day it took around six weeks to get back to normal. However this does not mean I agree with how you were dealt with at A&E, but if things get worse go back to your own GP. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


As Katie says, it takes about 6 weeks to recover from a rib fracture. If it is that, I don't think there is much to be done as they can't put you in a cast for that. The same applies for a muscle strain - they take around 6 weeks too. Ive had both, and always 6 weeks to heal.

However if you are concerned you should see your GP - s/he can order a chest X-ray for you. That might put your mind at rest as you got such bad care at A&E. If it's hard to get an appointment, then ask for a phone appointment with your GP - if she thinks you need seeing there are usually emergency appointments which she will have access to even though the receptionists can't give them out.


Hi my name is Ruth, reading your comment I would go a step further if you would not satisfy with the diagnosis of the GP then by all means go further remember that your body and we only get one of them, I'd rather you be safe than sorry, take good care of yourself and I wish you luck God bless and happy New Year

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