Doctors been out to mum theirs not a lot more they can do for mum just to keep an eye on her and encourage to wear oxygen she is better off at home than in a hospital he said so that's where she will stay and be looked after by myself it's mums choice to stay at home this disease is horrendous I watched my dad suffer with lung cancer last year and now having to watch my mum suffer Life can be so cruel sometimes xx

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  • Life is very cruel sometimes Chezzy. Is there nobody who can come in and help care for your mum to give you a break? What do Social services say?

    Take care. Xxxx

  • You need some support to help you look after your mum ..As Sassy has already mentioned about adult social services i would encourage you to contact them ....You can speak to someone at your local council offices and they can come out to assess your needs.

    If you get worried over mum ring an ambulance for her

  • This is so hard for you Chezzy and it IS unfair.

    What a wonderful daughter you are.

    I'm hoping there are others you can share this with too. Very best to you. Peege

  • Can't you get carers to come in for a few hours a day that is what I do it will give you a little break if I was you I would get on the social services and ask them about a carer coming in to help you

  • Life is very cruel and the good people seem to be dealt the worst card

  • You've been dealt a double blow with what you went through with your dad. It must be tearing you to bits.

    Definitely contact social services and think about speaking to your doctor about referral to the community palliative care team. There are lots of well -qualified people out there but someone needs to ask them to help. If you can find the contact number you can self refer to palliative care in many areas.

    Keep in touch with us, Sue xxx

  • You are doing a wonderful job for your mum, Chezzy. I wish you strength, and peace for your mum. xx

  • So very sorry for your pain, Chezzy. I know, I nursed my mum when she was very ill. Try to share the burden with others as it is not fair for you to have to tackle this on your own. I hope there is help for you and take each day as it comes. You are in my thoughts and my

  • Dear Chezzy, you really need someone to help you tend for your Mum. It's a 24/7 job & not an easy one either.

    I hope you have family who can assist you. Take care & keep in touch with us.

    Thinking of you 🌺

  • Thinking of you and your mum xxxx

  • The other day Coughalot mentioned the Hospice. Have you been in touch with your local one? Not for in-patient care but for a team to come to your mum's house. There should also be a palliative care team which should be set up by your GP, I think. My sister-in-law died at home in October and my brother got a lot of help. One thing that was provided was the possibility of care if he should be incapacitated. Things like hospital beds can be supplied and these days are not as "hospitally" as they were. There are also Night-sitters, which mean that family members can get a good night's sleep and are not on edge waiting for every sound. Ask your GP what is available. And accept it. You need it to keep going. You are doing a brilliant job, but need some help.

    All my love at this very difficult time.

    Kate xx

  • Hello Chezzy, Oh so true life can be so cruel and nothing happens in ones. I agree with others there should be some help for you as a carer to give you a break, even if only respite care for a few days, maybe your local age UK could offer some help in the new year. Take care and try to keep yourself well and strong, your own GP should be able to offer means of support if you ask or maybe your practice nurse. xx

  • I agree with others that this is a very difficult thing to endure for a long period of time and it can truly tire you out, wear you down and make you sick so yes, I agree that you should be arming yourself with some support and backup to spell you . I know you are a fantastic daughter to be doing all that you are for your mum but there has to be some respite for you so you can stay strong. Thoughts and prayers are with you dear. xo

  • You're a wonderful, caring daughter and its great you can be there for your mum. Do hope you have some help for respite. Big hugs and all best wishes to you you both x

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