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Hi all.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas...

Do any of you suffer with palpitations?

I've been getting them for years.but just lately they are getting worse🙁

And I'm getting scared my hearts going to stop.

I had an ecg last year,not for that reason as the "jumping" had all but disappeared was for the clinical trials I applied for.

Would stress make it worse?

I lost a dear friend on 22nd Dec.

Plus I'm worrying about all manner of things.

Would appreciate any advice.x

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Morning Fantasy, l would imagine that stress would play a part in your having palpitations. I get them too sometimes and it usually means l am stressed or having too much caffeine. Phone 111 if unsure. Hope things improve and sorry for your loss. Xxxxxx


I agree with sassy phone 111 or your doctor for own peace of mind.

Xmas STREES as hospitalised me on occasion SO I would call or go see doc


Good morning Fantasy.

Is your heart racing or is it beating in an irregular way? I've suffered with ectopic beats for years now and, like you, I can have spells when they seem to disappear altogether. They are very distressing, but harmless, and many things affect them including stress, eating and even position. I find that mine disappear when I'm exercising.

The best thing you can do is make an appointment with your doctor and see if he can arrange for you to have a Holter Monitor fitted for 24 hours as this shows up any irregularities. That's how I got my diagnosis.

I know that it's easy to say, but please don't worry. The ecg would have shown up anything serious. If you get peace of mind you may find that they settle down on their own.

Take care. Pam XXX


Hi Fantasy, I also have palpitations. I get them when I'm stressed. It feels like my heart is beating so fast and hard. Yet, the Dr. listens to it and it's fine! If I am busy doing something I like, it goes away. Sometimes my eye will twitch also. Everyone's stress shows up somewhere. Also I will pretty much stop eating. Some people being stressed, will eat more. My stress lives across from me! Can't get away from that.😣I do have xanax to take. Maybe your Dr. can give you something to take the edge off. Good luck to you. Ruby🌹


Hi Fantasy, it's a difficult one, isn't it? Some people never get palpitations or missed beats, but if you do they're very likely to be worse if you're stressed or worried, or have lost a good friend - I'm sorry.

Why not go to see your GP? Talk it through and maybe ask to be referred for one of the 'talking therapies' like CBT. Or think about meditation or mindfulness. It helps if you have a way of coping in your tool bag and puts you more in control when things hit you in the face. And if you're checked over you'll be reassured.

Take care, Sue x 🌸


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