Bussy day bussy ineed

To top it all I was up stair last night the smoke alarm went if I wasn't asleep listening to kiss fm as normal on digital radio went down stairs and smoke pumping out the log effect fire 🔥 turned power of and vented the rooms as I coffers my lungs up very near then the battle begun as I lost my recipe and the shop in question past the book back and to for 4 hours till finally the were going to send a engineer out to see if it was beyond repair but I explained that I was a spark at airbus for 20 years and it was most definitely crackerd the said oh well we can exchange or refund you I was amazed that it took 4 hours to get the Ansew I wanted so it was a bussy day for mee 🤔😳

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  • Thank goodness for smoke alarms, the outcome could have been so different.

  • I hope your fire gets fixed soon. Your chest must feel bad after all that smoke.

  • As Joyce said, so good you had the smoke alarm! Hope there's no repercussions on your lungs after inhaling all that smoke. Take care Llokie.

  • good you had smoke alarm hope you got sorted out today

  • Yep sorted it same day it happen lol hate haven stuff building up got another fire B&Q and wiped everything down 😁

  • Good to hear

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