My poor mum

My mum has a grey look to her today and is just not herself she's been very sleepy all day and a little agitated her oxygen levels are still very low she has had the oxygen on several short times throu today but as soon as she takes it off they drop to 66 again and it never reaches 82 plus but she just won't keep it on she takes it off I have sat with her most of the time today but she seemed a bit agitated with me being their for so long so I came away for a while I'm so scared my heart is breaking just watching her suffer

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  • That sounds very low to me, I'd ring 111 and ask for advice. It sounds to be like she needs to go straight to hospital without delay but if in doubt ring 111

    Please let us know how you get on.

  • I hope you can get much needed help for your dear mum. Xxxx

  • Hello Chezzyy

    I would call either 111 or an ambulance.

    You Mum needs to be seen by a doctor.


  • I agree I would phone for an ambulance,she needs to see a doctor. Will be thinking if you all,and praying. Keep in touch and let us know how she isxxx

  • Hello Chezzy, I think your Mum should be in hospital. Her oxygen levels are lower than they were. She would have specialist care which she deserves.

    You have done everything for her. You're always there for her. She couldn't want for better care.

    Let us know how you get on please, but don't delay & at the very least get advice from the medical professionals.

    Thinking of you 💐

  • All good advice, get the professionals involved, difficult times, sending love and hugs xxx

  • I am so sorry Chezzy it's horrible to watch your loved ones suffer. I agree that you need more help with her and she would be better off in hospital. Not least because it would give you a much needed break and help.

    Or even better a hospice. This might be more appropriate at this stage in her illness. x

  • Hello Chezzy. I think your mum.needs prompt medical attention. Do let us know how it goes. Thinking of you.

    Cas xx

  • Hi Chezzy, she definitely needs a review by medics.It's a huge responsibility for you too.Call an paramedic, she sounds Hypoxic.Good luck and take care x .

  • Dear Chezzy

    So hard for you and your dear Mum. If it were me I would call in the paramedics and let them see the situation themselves. She sounds like she needs more medical attention.

    When they have improved her breating then hopefully you will both have more quality time together.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Love to you and your Mum.


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