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Hi everyone I'm new to the forum (have been reading the posts for a while now and find it so incredibly comforting, as I was really anxious about my lungs/prognosis etc)... Anyways, I've been diagnosed with emphysema, I don't have major problems on a day-to-day basis, have stopped smoking over a year ago, try and walk for at least half an hour a day, sometimes I get breathless sooner than at other times (I've not quite worked out why, I'm guessing it's to do with pollution as much as anything else)... I'm trying to be as common-sensical as I think I can (ie when I'm walking and get out of breath, I stop for as long as I need to etc).

The one thing that really confuses me is that every now and again my voice comes out all strained when I'm trying to speak or especially sing... Sometimes I'd start singing along to something and it'd be fine, but sometimes my voice would be all wonky/wobbly...?

Has anyone else had similar problems?

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  • Hello southcats, and a very warm welcome.

    Sorry about your diagnosis but you're doing all the right things to keep it behaving well.

    I find that days vary for no particular reason. Don't worry if your symptoms are a bit up and down, as long as you're getting the up bits too.

    I think your voice goes all wonky/wobbly ( I love that! ) because of your breathling. Just pause, take a few slow, deep breaths and try again. Wait a bit if you need to. And singing is really good for your lungs - have a look at the BLF website.

    Look forward to hearing more about you, Sue xxx

  • And, yes, the wonky/wobbly has happened to me. x

  • thanks for a prompt response, Watfordgirl really appreciated - I'm really grateful for the wealth of information and listening ears on this forum, has been incredibly helpful and reassuring x

  • You're very welcome 😊. Always come here - don't google because you'll find a lot of nonsense and much of it out-of-date. Ask anything you like x

  • Hello Southcats and welcome. It's great to hear you have benefited from the forum. I felt the same as you, when I first found it and have been here a few years now.

    My voice has been like that for years now, long before my diagnosis so, I know it isn't caused by the inhalers. I think smoking did the damage, because my voice was getting deeper and deeper. ( I kept getting called Mr on the phone haha.) It doesn't stop me singing karaoke in the pub lol, sometimes I can sing fairly good and other times, I'm atrocious. But, every day, my throat always feels dry and sore too xx

  • thanks, yes, my voice's croakiness precedes the inhalers too, feels odd at times, like i was a teenage boy, sometimes i'm not sure whether the sound's going to come out high pitched or not... is there a breathing exercise/technique which would make this a bit less random?

  • oh yes. i suffer from this, it really gets on my nerves because i love to sing. it happens (cracks in voice) more so at work where the air con drys they air. im new to my illness too, so at the minute I probably dont do everything right but , I suck sweets at work and try to drink water at every break, im also trying to reduce my coffee intake (incase that makes me dry) but like you im not sure what works yet, but i hope you can take some comfort in knowing your not on you own xx

  • The strange voice can come on after using inhalers, especially Seratide. Best to rinse mouth after using.

  • My voice has been getting worse over the years and can sound really strange sometimes. I can sound like a teenage boy, too, just waiting for my voice to break. As for singing - forget it - I can't even groan a decent nursery rhyme any more.

    I have never smoked so can't blame it on that. I think the inhalers have a lot to do with it, though. Since I changed inhalers a few months ago, my voice is even less reliable. I open my mouth and never know what it's going to come out like. Sometimes I almost sound as though I've been on the hydrogen balloons!

  • Me too I went off my puffer for a while to see if that worked and yes it has luckily in Australia its summer so my ashma is better

  • Hello and welcome southcats

  • I like you panic and think it might've serious because t I think not even as I wash my mouth out after with water still not good

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