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Hi all hope you all had a lovely Christmas my mum has done nothing but sleep for the last few days she suppose to have her oxygen on at night but as soon as my back is turned she takes it off her levels are very low sometimes 66 or lower she's on palliative care but what more can I or the professionals do I can't force mum to wear it only encourage her as much as possible but with her Alzheimer's she doesn't understand the importance she only has to walk a short distance to the toilet and she's breathless she stays In bed now and just wants to be alone it's heartbreaking I think she's giving up her quality of life is very poor xx

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So sorry to hear that about your mother like you said all you can do is try and make her leave it on .

Chezzy, it will be really hard for you trying to ensure your Mum keeps her oxygen on. Alzheimer's is a cruel disease, my grandpa & aunt suffered from it & my uncle is in a nursing home at the moment.

You are doing your very best to give your Mum the best of care & that's all you can do.

Thinking of you & hope you had a lovely Christmas 🎅🏼🎁🎄

I am so sorry for you both battling such an ugly disease and hope your mum will come to find the oxygen useful. Will be thinking of you and wishing you well . Joyce

Thinking of you and your dear mum. Petes mum has Alzheimer's too and it's sad to see as she is otherwise well. It must be so difficult for you but you can only do your very best and you are already doing that. Be strong and sendings hugs. Xxxxxx

How difficult this must be for you. You are doing all you can do Chezzy, as are the professionals by all accounts. If you try to force your mum to anything she will be very, very upset & agitated. I wish there were some advice I could give you but I cant. Just feel proud of yourself for being there as much as you can x

Your poor mum. It must be so sad for you Chezzy. Just sit quietly with her when you can and reassure that she's safe. You're doing all you can xxx

My Mum has the Alzheimers and I know how hard it is to make them do anything, really she needs to move about more as all the time she is in bed she isn;t using her lungs and as for the oxygen, even if she keeps it on all day some is better than none, Don't worry yourself her mind is in a far nicer place than you are right now a she doesn't really know what is happening .... sleeping is her way of coping so just do what you can by being there when you feel the need to be.... chin up sweetie xxxxxxx

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