Moderate Obstructions

I have been reading posts in this forum since mid July 2015 after I was prescribed inhaler (salbutimoal 100 and clenil 100), two puffs of each morning and before going to bed and was advised by the nurse that I have asthma, however I never bothered as I would feel normal apart from one or chest infections per years which would clear with a course of amoxoline 500 mg for 7 days. I have been smoking 10 cigs (some times more) a day for like since I was 16 many (now i am 53). Dec. 2014 I had a cough and sore throat which I though will go away itself but it did not and my chest was very wheezy and tight. So I went to the doc he asked if i was talking any inhalers to which I replied no. Doc gave me steroid tablets for a week and advised me to take inhalers. The doc asked me to see the ashtma nurse and the nurse did spirometry. By then I have read post on this forum and for the first time learnt about COPD. So after the spirometry I asked the nurse if I had COPD to which she confidently replied that I had asthma and I should use both inhalers regularly. I do get short of breath that much and I work full time. But do get kind of sore throat and chest infection now and then. I still smoke.

in 2010 my spiro readings were;

FEVI 2.55

FVC 3.43




IN 2014


FVC 3.80 (BEFORE) & 4.05 (POST)

FEV1/ FVC 63 (BEFORE) & 86 (POST)


I am extremely sorry for lengthy post.

Any word of advice if I have asthma or COPD.

Thank you so much.

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  • Hi

    As you have mentioned both restrictive and obstruction which relate to two different sets of lung condition. I will let you decide.

    In respective of what you decide smoking will only aggravate the condition, so that's your New Years resolution.

    You need a more conclusive diagnosis which should come from a spirometer test, if carried correctly and the correct interpretation is made.

  • Thank you very much. Yes first time in 2010 the machine printed the result as restriction but second time as obstruction. I spoke to my GP about the result too and he said you have asthma.

    I am going to try quit smoking in the next year.

  • Anyone with a lung condition and smokes is just disaster I gave up smoking over 10 years ago smoking up to 30 a day. I did this using champix they are tablets which need a prescription but within 14 days of starting the meds I stopped smoking.

    The next step is exercise I go swimming can't do anything on land due to back injury.

    Flu jab make sure you get one every year

    Try and eat healthy

    Good luck we are always hear to support 😊

  • Thank you very much

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