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To all our "Family" here on HU whether you be in the UK..USA..Africa..NZ or other parts of the globe, Susan and I would like to wish you all a Merry CHRISTmas and a safe 2017.

We have awakened this CHRISTmas morn exchanged gifts and now preparing the spit roast for our family gathering at lunch time.

Last night (CHRISTmas eve) we entertained about 600 visitors who came to share some cake and drink with us. A beautiful night..matched by perfect weather. (Why can't mankind be this well mannered every day)

Today we are having a HOT day 36c. (96.8f)

Sadly this is our last year of doing the CHRISTmas lights as age has caught up with me.

We pray that you good folk will also have perfect weather for tomorrow when the old man in the red pajamas drops in.

GOD bless

Susan & Will

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And a very Merry Christmas to you Will and Susan. Hope we can catch up in the New Year 😊

G'day Peter

We will be in the Alfred next Monday.

Are you up for a cuppa??


Hello Will,

Would absolutely love to catch up with you and Susan this Monday.Don't know how I missed your last message.



We should be finished late morning Poss 12 noon

I will ring you closer to the time


Look foward to your call will.

Thanks Mate

I have recorded the numbers. See you today


G'day Mate

Nice to hear from you, I did send you an email earlier about catching up in the Alfred. (We were there last week.

We will be in there in 2 weeks time.

I will let you know a little closer to the day.

I was a little concerned when you did not reply to my earlier email, but figured that you may have been busy.

If you are able to visit us we would love to see you, pref boxing night, as the lights will be on.

Susan sends her love and is looking forward to catching up.

Take care of yourself Peter.

GOD bless


Have a nice day and many more

Thank you David. Likewise



Have a lovely Christmas Will & Susan 🎁🎅🏼🎉🎄🎊

Thanks Jessy

What time is it over there?



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Hi Will, it's 1am on Christmas morning. Santa's on his way! We get to open our presents when we get up in the morning. Hope my granddaughter has a lie in!

Merry Christmas 🎊🎅🏼🎄🎁🎉

Thanks Jessy

Sleep tight ...and don't let the bed bugs bite.

I hope you are not like me

I have been a bad... bad.... boy this year and I did not look under the tree as I know Santa only brings presents if you have been good.

Here's hoping


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I hope you, Susan and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy 2017.

All the very best to you. Tee xxx

Thank you Tee

Nice to hear from you.



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Merry Christmas 🎆💒🌲🌲🍾🍾

Thank you

Merry Christmas!

Krysta 🎄

Thank you Krysta

You are up late ???

Hope you are well

Merry CHRISTmas


Hi, I'm in central US it's only 10pm Saturday.

Thanks Krysta

after I hit the send button...It crossed my mind that you may be from here or the USA.

It is 3.30 pm here Sunday.


G'day Mate

Merry Christmas Susan & Will.

It's 7am here and Santa has Been !! 🎅

The puppy and myself are the only ones awake at our house, Mr V is still snoring .

The presents are waiting to be opened, 🎅

I hope you both have had a wonderful day with your family.

Wishing you all, peace, and happiness for the New Year.

G'day my little Aussie Mates

Pommie Velvet xx😂🎅🌲😇🍾

G'day Mate

Up with the birds Eh...At least you looked for need..haven't been a good boy this year.

Like you I wish the entire human race Peace...even if we could do it just on this special day.

The police foiled a major terrorist threat here two days was the main cathedral..during the packed CHRISTmas day service, along with other heavily visited places.

Oh... when will the countries leaders invoke the death sentence for treason.

Enough of my soap box ..... Please enjoy today...and I hope Santa gave you every thing you deserved

Merry CHRISTmas Velvet & Mr V


Hi Will

How l agree with you.

Today is supposed to be peace on earth to all men, if only that could come true.

Let's not forget all the good people in our world, evil will never win.

8am now and Mr V is still snoring...L think he drank the very large Whiskey l left out for Santa last night 😂😂

If he doesn't wake up soon, l am going to put Cisk our puppy down the bed...He has very sharp needle teeth and is always looking for something to chew 😂😂 That will make him wake up when he gets his ' Baubles ' nipped 😂😂😂😂

Ho ho ho 🎅



Enjoy your day as we say goodbye to ours

Still very hot here


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Bless you both and have a wonderful time. Too hot for us in Australia. Xxxx

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Hi Will and Susan. Cheers from Tassie where we are experiencing a heat wave at the moment. Extremely hot and humid. All the best. Gerald.

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Thank you Gerald.

We are known as the sun burnt country and today we really lived up to our reputation.

Last week we had all 4 seasons in one day...Only found in Victoria.

I trust you had an enjoyable day.


Thanks Will. The heat is a little unbearable at the moment. Hopefully it will get a little cooler soon. Gerald

Thanks Mate

I could not agree more

We are blessed with a great ducted evaporative air con which has been working on max for the day.

It is a little cooler here at the moment with the sun slowing falling.

By chance did you manage to see the space station last night?

It looked like a plane high in the heavens, moving at an unbelievable speed.

Time to lock up the animals

Enjoy the evening Gerald


Thank you Sassy

Too hot for me also

Stayed indoors most of the day with the air con going full pace.

The grand kids had a ball after opening their presents they played in an inflatable pool supplied by of one my children.

The sun is slowing dropping and hopefully relief is in sight. Will still remain humid overnight.

GOD Bless


wow you did that all yourself, sight to look at for sure, beautiful. Hope Suan is doing welland you too. Go for fibre optics next year put in the ground and put on the switch. lol easy peesy. A shame not to light up such a house. All the best in 2017

Thanks Bandit

I do use fibre optic and led's now but most of the gear are blow molds.

Have a safe 2017.


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