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Happy Christmas

Hi everyone.

Hope you have a nice Christmas

Think its going to be a wheezy Christmas for me has i have a mild cold i say mild because i dont feel ill with it and i know i caught it off my wife who i have been watching with her cold with the same symtoms and i know i should take my emergency antibiotics but this is 6 days now and it seems to be clearing just very wheezy in the mornings but that must be the moderate stage COPD i have.

and i like to think i know my own body but then again do we know whats going to happen with this COPD anyway because i had a operation a few months ago ( new hip ) i have stopped walking the treadmill and started swimming 3 times a week and that helps me feel good.

I was diagnosed with COPD 4 years ago and was a bit sceared at first because i made the mistake of looking at bad things on google so stopped the smoking and done excerise and felt fine and thought to myself well .. when are some of these things going to happen like feeling breathless and coughing.

So i think it has been a great help to me with the not smoking and keeping active BUT i must admit this winter i have started to feel more breathless and wheezy in the mornings and thats where my blue top ventoline has and when helps.

Anyway i know our lungs are all act differant with this COPD but chatting to the nice people on this site and the BLF staff has really helped me understand COPD more so would like to wish you all a very nice merry Christmas.


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Hi Music. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year. XXX


You have a good time music and hope the wheeziness subsides. People are great on here and we do like to support each other if we can.

Take care xxxxx


Hi Music,Was wondering where you were hiding😉

Glad you have been looking after yourself.

Happy Christmas to you & your wife🎄🎄🎉🎁


Have a lovely Christmas Music 🎁🎅🏼🎄Hope you & your family enjoy a happy healthy New Year 🎉🎊


Merry Christmas :) x x


Happy Christmas and New Year xx


Merry Christmas Music. Hope you feel better for the holiday. Ruby🌹


Happy Christmas, Music. Hope you feel better soon ⭐️ ✨ 🌟 x


merry Christmas hope this cold does not spoil it for you 🎄


I hope the wheeziness disappears soon for you Music.

Merry Christmas xx


Hi Music , you are not alone with the chesty cold mine started a few days ago. Not going out for Christmas don't want to risk making things worse, hopefully will be gone by new year. Have a lovely day and peaceful new year xx


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