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Hi all just joined for support. Just been diagnosed copd don't know what level yet. Wanting to ask about altibro and if it's meant to take your breath away and cause you to coff when you use it ?

I have smoked for fourty years and stopped 3 weeks ago when I was diagnosed and the nurse told me that I am going to slowly choke to death. That wil be my death. Still struggling with the NOT smoking. Giving in about once a week for about 3 fags. Determined to get past it. Hello everyone 😜

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Welcome to the Forum, for relevant sometimes irrelevant information with a good dose of humour and being this time of year some or more than some merriment.

Keep up with the smoking cessation can be a struggle but worth in the end.

Not sure about medication, is that right spelling

Some inhalers can work the wrong way, if you are unsure speak to your GP, there are plenty of alternatives. With a long acting inhaler it is recommended to gargle after using.

Hi Sheezzabeanz, Welcome, there are many here who can tell about all the medications and also give you support to be strong whilst dealing with COPD. I have somehow managed to keep going and deal with most things that are thrown at me, ALL by being here and reading all the articles and asking for help and suggestions. I can't tell you about Altibro as I have not used it or taken it, there will be some who could tell you. I wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Yearand good health.

Hello Shezzabeanz and welcome to the forum. It is hard work giving up smoking and you are doing very know that it will help your health and you will get there! I don't know if your nurse was trying to frighten you into giving up the cigarettes or what, but I have to admit I'm glad she's not my need encouragement and support rather than that sort of response. (There is a Quit site on HU too if you think it might help you). Keep up the good work!

I don't use the same inhaler as you, but hopefully some will come along and answer you question, but it's very nice to meet you. x

pepparuby1 in reply to Tee1008

Yes i agree the nurses bedside manner is something to be desired

It didn't upset me more the fact I walked away thinking I should buy some heroin incase I start choking to death because I am terrified of slowly choking to death and I defuse to die in that way.

Just want to welcome you Shezzabeanz and good to give up smoking. This is a great forum full of lovely supportive people so say what you need to, we are here to listen. No idea about the medication but someone else may know and be able to help.

Enjoy Christmas and take care. Xxxx

Hi and welcome but most of all well done for giving up smoking.

I gave up over 10 years ago with the help of champix, they say if you give up with help and support your les likely to start again.

Exercise is the next thing that will also help you and ask your GP to refer you to PR and don't forget your flu jab and last but not least we are always to help and support 😊

Welcome to the site Shezzabean and well done on quitting the fags - it can be hard but you can do it. There are lots of good support forums online, I think there's one on HU that can help you to get through it :) I don't know anything about your Altibro so can't help you there but hopefully somebody will be along soon who is familiar with it. Take care :) x

Welcome welcome welcome - you'll get great support on here unlike your nurse - when i was diagnosed with copd having stopped smoking the nurse kindly just came out with - "what do you expect when you've got lung disease" wowza i had said to her seriously? I had no idea at the time and thought her tact was unreal! I work in the health profession and no way would i have spoken to a client like that! Or like your nurse!

Anyway i have learned loads on here and i also do clinical trials for new meds for copd so keep happy and follow us x

Hi and welcome Shezzabeanz! I wonder if you mean the Ultibro Breezhaler? By going to clicking on the search bar then entering the name of the drug you'll be able to bring up information about it. You can also talk to a pharmacist and the the doctor who prescribed the medication. Hope I have been able to help.


Hi and welcome to the site, keep up with the no smoking regime, know it is hard to quit at this time of year but well done for trying. Things will improve but it takes time and COPD can be controlled, wish you a merry Christmas and hope to speeak again soon

Hello and welcome to the site Shezzabeanz. That nurse needs to look for another job because she should not be in nursing!! I really think you should put in a complaint about her - totally unacceptable thing to say to you x

Hello and welcome. I'm fairly new to the forum and have had lots of support and great advice........I'm sure that you'll find it beneficial.

The nurse who dealt with you needs reporting for those sort of comments, as people need support and encouragement......not bullying.

I had to stop smoking when I was diagnosed with emphysema and I've found that the e-cig works the best for me, but there's all sorts of things you could try if you're struggling. Good luck with it.....I know how hard it can be, but it is worth it so keep at it.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.


Dragonmum in reply to Pam1952

Hi Shezzabeanz - that nurse deserves a kicking, I've dealt with one very like her and if you're new to the COPD scene it can be quite off-putting. You are NOT going to choke to death but you've made the right move in packing in the fags - you'll see the difference very soon but I would urge you not to have the 3 a week as the smoke is full of irritants and carcinogens. If, like me, you find it too difficult take Pam1952's advice and get an e-cig - it's the only thing that worked for me after trying everything up to and including hypnosis. I quit many times, only to fall off the wagon when stressed even after 2 years. Have been smoke-free now for 7 years next month thanks to vaping. Whichever method you choose please pack in completely - I wish you every success and a very Happy Christmas.

Hi Hun

I have been taking the ultibro since September, gave up smoking in march, feel like a new woman now. I had smoked for 40 years, had a CT scan as was very SOB also had server palpitations not now though, please please STOP SMOKING your quality of life will improve immensely.

The ultibro does make me cough on the initial first breath in. I was advised by my GP to drink milk before inhaling which helps as it does hit the back of your throat quite sharply .

Good luck, merry Christmas & happy new year .

Shezzabeanz in reply to wooo

Hi woo thanks so much for your advice I was worried about it taking my breath away and If it was supposed to do that. Good to know another who smoked 40 years. My next step is to go see Centrelink. I'm going to say well it was ok for the government to take all my money while I smoked for 40 years now how about paying for some of this medication s. I'll let you know how I go. Still going with the giving up. I'm not going to give up giving up. Haha

i found alan carr's book an immense help (i tried quitting smoking with nicorette patches, seconds into them, i came out in a rash so had to go 'cold turkey' :) ) you can download it here

Thank you so much. I have a book here wich I've not picked up yet but maybe if it's online I will read it. Isn't that sad!! I'm wondering if you can tell me what everyone ON here is talking about when they say BT? I'm thinking it's something English and I'm in Aus. Just curious as I am still working but going for a lung test next week. Although I Wirk I'm only one of the working poor so I'm wondering how the people on here feel about the cost of the medications and that I feel the government should be paying for it as they had no propbelem taking my money off me for my RIGHT to smoke all these past 40 years. Any thoughts ?

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