Bronchiectasis or atypical cystic fibrosis and pneumococcal antibody deficiency TO name a few

Well its all been going on of late SEEN my lung doctor and have. pneumonia injection AS my last ones not working SO given my low IGM antibioses 0.2

I have to have kids babies pneumonia Jab called prevenar WELL it works better than adult one AS am suffering something called pneumococcal antibody deficiency.

Then we talked about DNA test and after what i said about my infections health conditions and one of my dx of Bronchiectasis i asked could i be suffering atypical cystic fibrosis given DNA results and how am classed as healthy CF carrier.

Well HE agreed and agreed to run DNA trst and other to look into CF mutations.

Great News given all the bad of lat BUT its not all great as immunity issues ARE not great news.

Allso other NEWS i seen my musculoskeletal doctor about my bones pain and back AND he's Dx was hyper mobility, left leg inequality, flat lumber spine.

Needless to say am happy things are moving in right direction BUT am not that keen on all suffering.

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  • I'm glad things seem to be improving for you. I agree about the immunity issues. There always seems to be another infection right around the corner. It's good to have the DNA info.

  • Well JAS the doctors are listening and acting upon your concerns at long last.

    Wishing you the very best and regards to your dad too. Xxxx

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