Worried assessment outcome

I had to go for a dss medical assessment yesterday not sure about the outcome because I was not able to do any off the things the nurse asked me to because I was too out off breathe and going dizzy so I asked could I wait 10 mins so I can calm down and get my breathe back she said no she you can only have an hour interview

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  • Well she sounds a delightful woman !! NOT

    Not being able to do some of the things she asked should help rather than hinder because the whole point of the interviews are to see if how you can manage and you clearly couldn't.

    Any problems this link takes you to a good site for advice


  • Hi

    A bit of a dilemma, you have either passed because you could not complete the number of test because of your condition.

    Or the assessment will have to retaken.

    I would contact the department that requested the assessment and explain what happened and request a copy of the report .

  • Thanks when do you think I should contact them ... I only had the assessment yesterday iv never slept much cursing myself thinking I should of tried Harder to make myself do the exam

  • I asked for the doctors report when I had my esa assessment I waited two weeks then rang them on a Thursday I received in by the Saturday , in mine for physical exam she wrote she was limited on what I could do because of being out of breath , I passed got three years support group

  • Hi

    I would contact them as soon as possible, you should never have felt or been made to feel that you where doing a test or exam. The assessment is to gauge how well you are doing normal day to day task and how your condition effects your ability to perform such task in a reasonable manner.

  • Thanks I will wait 2 weeks like mmzetor because of the holidays I don't think much will get done thanks for all your advice

  • Hope things work out well for you Mahoney. Take care xxxxx

  • Again as a couple of people have mentioned - they are assessing your capability for work.

    The fact she rushed you along, may go in your favour.

    If as you have said you have to have 10 minutes during various intervals throughout the day to calm down, then the reality is you do have limited capability for work.

    I know its easier said than done but try not too worry.

    If you are unsure of anything or need further clarfication on what happens following the assessment process - I am the benefits advisor at blf helpline, I would be happy to have a chat with you, and if needed provided you with some information.

    I hope all goes well - and you get the responce you were hoping for.

    Best Wishes

    Leah :)

  • Thankyou Leah while your sat there you really don't think properly the nurse was like a robot ( maybe that's why she chosen ) but in my mind I kept telling myself to try really hard to do the things she was asking whereas in reality 9out of 10 i can't to do but at the end of the day it's not down to her to decide so fingers crossed my points add up X

  • Ow love , I must say snap as I had a Assesment on Tuesday , I ended up in tears because of the way I was treated , I had a man doing mine and he was so nasty the way he spoke to me he also shouted at me as well because I couldn't remember the name of the steroids I'm on all he was interested in was , what tv I have what I watch what phone I have and a load of other crap , I know that it's to see what kind of job we can do as I said to him I have a job that I just want to get back to , but my specialist and doctor won't allow me to return , but he said even thou I have copd emphysema and fev1 at 31% , that it will all be cleared up with in six months and that I can then return to my normal life . I was not once asked how I feel , how I'm affected by my illness . I came out of that room totally confused and angry for the way I was treated and basically I just don't know we're to turn or what to think or do . I really do hope that with in six months I will be back to my normal life and be able to do all the thing I was doing befor this all kicked in . I do hope you get sorted though love and I'm sorry to rant on about the experience that I had . And merry Christmas to you all xx

  • Haha no bother that's what this site is for HOW will your emphysema and copd clear up in 6 month??? If it was only that easy there would be a lot of happy people in the world .. This is the third assessment iv had and they all have the same atiitude just hope I don't have to have another one X merry Xmas to you too x

  • Ow god three I really don't think I could go throw another one , I feel for you , I think I will have to tell them were they can put there £73.10 a week if I have to do it all again . I would be very happy if it does all clear up , I just don't understand were they get there logic from are they fully trained doctors and specialists ?? Or are they god lol x

  • The other thing that has confused me is that I get full pip with full mobility , bus pass and blue badge . I know that pip is a independent payment and at the Assesment they were totally different as I was treated with respect

  • Awww never does that mean I have to do it again because I'm not receiving pip I'm still on the dla

  • I don't think you do love as I only came down with all of this in March this year and I think if your already on D.l.A then you stay on it as pip so it's the same thing just another name to confuse people ,

  • Just to say you are wrong with info. EVERYONE is being "invited" to apply for PIP when they are on DLA. Even people who have indefinitely DLA. It is being done via region and eventually no-one will receive DLA. PIP is to replace it.

    Mine was done last summer and was horrible and stressful. Get PIP now for next 3 years.

  • how nasty, x

  • I don't take much to confuse me anyway lol x

  • I believe if you are over 65 you will NOT be invited to change from DLA to PIP. I think children of under 16 will also stay on DLA until the age of 16 if they still meet the required criteria. This is a quote from the Gov.uk site:

    "If you get Disability Living Allowance

    Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is ending for people who were born after 8 April 1948 and are 16 or over.

    You’ll continue to get DLA until the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) writes to you to:

    * tell you when it will end

    * invite you to apply for PIP

    Use the PIP checker to find out if and when you’ll be asked to claim.

    You can keep getting DLA if you’re under 16 or you were born on or before 8 April 1948 and have an existing claim."

    If you are seeking further information here is the link:


    I hope this will be helpful to some. To all of us subjected to this cruel, degrading process I wish you all the hope in the world that things will go as smoothly as possible for you.

    Keep smiling or in my case Keep Twinkling.

    Love and Hugs from Twinkling Star

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