I have the big E but Doc has still not referred me to a Consultant after a diagnoses of 3 years!!

I don't have a cough or phlegm like everyone else I know at Stage 3

Should I push for a Consultant? I have the annual Asthma Spiro tests each year at the Docs and Dic prescribes my meds. Because of my active lifestyle to keep what I have left of my lungs working my Doc is very supportive .

But I have always told him what I need or want rather than him telling me!!!

When I went to PR I was the only one not under a Consultant everyone including physio nurses were shocked!

What benefit do you get under a Consultant?

Views would be appreciated

Thank you



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15 Replies

  • Hi

    If you have the condition under control, which you seem to have there is no specific need to see a consultant .

    Emphysema is one of two conditions under the umbrella term COPD.

    In it self there is no reason to a have cough or over produce phlegm, which is more consistent with the other condition chronic bronchitis , although you can have elements of both.

    You already appear to be active and completed a pulmonary rehablitation course.

    There would little more a consultant could offer. You seem to a have good relationship with you GP who would if required give a referral.

  • hi im same stage but I have no cough might have a bit of a cough first thing in morning for half hour or so but not every day I bring up hardly any phlem , if I start to bring up phlem been told to start antibiotics and steroids as its unusual for me to have any so normally sign im starting an infection ,

  • Hi

    I dont bring up phlegm even with an infection it just seems to go straight to the bottom of my right lung. I never cough. Seems strange. That's why I was in denial for so long when diagnosed.

    I've always had Asthma and even years ago never coughed and no phlegm even when I smoked.

    I always said if I started coughing I'd give up the cigs. Never coughed so kept on smoking.

    Don't smoke now tho ha ha. Just rubbish breathing.

    Strange how it affects everyone differently.

    X HH

  • yes it does affect people differently , even with an infection I don't bring a lot up , I do see a consultant but all one is interested in is lung reduction surgery , they do a full lung function test ever year but said he could only improve me a small amount so basically they let you get worse then hope to get you back to how you are now , I did have one side done because of collapsed lung in 2013 but it didn't make breathing much better ,I was diganoised in 2011 it was because of collapsed lung why I first see a consultant if it hadn't happened I still wouldn't have seen one ,

  • Sorry it didn't work for you as well as you'd of liked, can I please ask what kind of tests they do and how long yr in hospital for all the best cherrie

  • hi this time I had a 6 minute walk test , a full lung test , and a perfusion ct scan where they inject dye into you before the scan , that's all just a day thing , the op its self the first one was done as an emergency but they cut from my back under my arm to my chest , to open me up I was in hospital for 11 days , if they do the other side it will be key hole and the quickest time in hospital is 2 days the longest is 30 days but average is 10/14 days , when you have the op you have a chest drain in attached to a bottle of water , if there is a air leak it bubbles you have to wait for the bubbling to stop before you can go home your walking round nothing wrong with you as such its just how quick it heals

  • Do you mind if I ask how far you did in the six minute walk test or if you remember? It seems there very little available as to what would be considered normal.


  • they didn't tell me how far I had walked I had to stop at least a couple of time I do remember consultant asking why I had stopped I said because I was short of breath he said but your oxygen sats didn't drop if you couldn't breath they should drop like I was lying about it , I said I cant help weather they drop or not I know if im out of breath or not and need to stop ,

  • Thanks.

    I get out of breath as well before my sats drop or at least before they drop very much. Mine can go from 96 to 94 and I can be out of breath.

  • Snap !!!!!

  • I agree. I don't get much of cough or phlemy. If it goes to my lungs mostly bottom of left lung. I suffer with nerve pain from spinal op years ago which in turn is not helping me to stay mobile. Used to do full marathons then half then the Bronze. Then started walking 12 miles then 6 then nothing. Seems if breathlessness doesn't stop me then the spine pain jumps in... Must say have been good infection wise last couple years. Is that due to being stuck in house or fruit berry smoothies and Actimel drink improving my immune system ???? Mmmm 😊

  • Hi Hungryhorse63,

    I am like you & mmzetor. I don't have a cough or phlegm and at Stage 3. Coming into contact with ANY smoke will make me cough though even a small amount (invisible to the eye) of smoke will set me off now. Strange when you consider I used to be a heavy smoker.

  • I am the same stage 2 with enphasemia never had problem with phlegm, just a little coughing first thing after inhaler in morning. Have had two bouts of infection but still not much phlegm. I do know when people around me have been smoking and sometimes do a false cough , it makes them move away from me. I to have. Smoked since about 12/13 years old all my brothers and my farther used to smoke in tha house, I am now 64 and packed them in last September.

  • I am still the same, unchanged, Mick and thank my lucky stars that I am not like the poor souls who bring up gallons of the stuff daily.

  • I was under the Pulmo in DR Smiths clinic in Adenbrooks Hospital.

    Dr Smith ewas very very good.The put you right in the picture.

    Well that's my tip.Goofd uck.


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