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persistent cough

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this site but don't know where else to turn.

My Dad has terminal lung cancer (secondaries to breast cancer}. He has a persistent cough which is much worse when eating and drinking. He coughs so much it makes him vomit. This is highly distressing for him and although he feels hungry he can't eat for the fear of coughing and choking. He is on Oramorph medication but nothing the doctor has given him works.

Has anyone got any suggestions of anything he could try?

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Hi I am so sorry to hear about your poor dad. I'm afraid I can't help with any suggestions, but I just wanted to say sorry.

There is a lung cancer site on here so you might want to join that as well. It's called the Roy Castle site. x


thank you I'll have a look.


Have another word with your Doctor,ask him to give you some fortisip drinks,they gave them to my brother when he was like your father. They are very good and full of vitamins. Goid luck, have a lovely Christmas xxx


Thank you for the suggestion. unfortunately he has tried these but they make him sick too.


so sorry don't know what to suggest xx


How difficult things must be for your dear dad. Hope he gets some help with the choking. Can his doctor not offer any suggestions at all? So sorry. Xxxx


Hello Traciejane,

Welcome - it's such a horrible time for your Dad and I regret that I can't offer you any more helpful advice apart from what has already been said on here. I went through this with my Husband and I know how physically sickening it is not to be able to offer even the smallest relief. You really would think that something could be given to help your Dad so he is not suffering so much. It's a cruel time for you and him.

Do take coughalot's advice.

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Maybe your dads Gp might consider a codeine linctus to ease the cough, do you have a cancer nurse visiting, if not try macmillan nurses on line they may be able to suggest something. Best wishes for finding a solution for the cough symptom. xx

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