pleased to meet you

Me name is mac and me wife is called lil. Me son got us on here a few days ago and i said why cos nobody cares about this old people being bad so he said thats what he would call us. Me wife came on but never said hya so i am. I have never been good at spelling and me son showd me how to use a spelling check but it take ages to do it and i know i have got some of this wrong cos me words a red but me wife is helping me. I hope you all are not botherd about the spelling and writing and i am slow at doing this an all . me wife has got copd so we are on this and one for asthma . Me wife can spell she is a smashing bonny lass and i have loved her all me life . we are from Darlington and we have 3 kids and 2 grand kids. its nice to meet you and happy xmas to you all. i am just finding me way round . mac and lil.

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  • Welcome to the community and happy Christmas to you and your family.

  • ta happy xmas

  • ta pet that was nice message. me wife is going mad cos i just said ta not thanks but i say ta to every body . happy xmas pet

  • well come to the site don't worry about age on here there are members of all ages on here , you will find its a lovely group of people here to offer advice support and have some laughs and fun with , and many good frendships have been made here , don't worry about spelling lots of us aren't over good at spelling ,

  • eh lad that is good news

  • You are very welcome Mac and Lil. There are no spelling tests on here at all and it's good of your son to help you join us. xx

  • think you mite be right . ta for the warm message

  • A very warm welcome Mac & Lil, very pleased to have you on the forum.

    Please don't worry about spelling, it's not important. What is, is that you find we're a friendly bunch & will be happy to advise if we can .

    Join in whenever you feel like it & here's wishing you both a Merry Christmas πŸŽ„ πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽπŸŽŠ

  • ta pet for the warm message . i will get me wife to say hya an all when she stops getting hopping mad at me . happy xmas pet

  • Oh no! Why is your wife mad at you? Tell her we're very friendly & would love her to come & join us. Only if she wants to though! Take care Mac 🌺

  • she said i have to say thanks not ta but i say ta to her . she is hopping mad but that is not a bad mood its a northen saying that is daft mad messing about telling me off . she is never in a bad mood she is a smashing lass . ta pet jess

  • Oh that's a lovely compliment to your wife. You can say ta or thanks, makes no difference! Still means the same thing! πŸŽ„

  • me wife wants her porrige now . i bet she says ta then not thanks when i give her it jess pet

  • Happy Christmas Mac and Lil.πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ»

  • happy xmas mag. me kids loved bagpus when they were bairns is that out like magpuss

  • Not really - I'm Mag's (for short) and I love cats, hence 'Magpuss' 😊😸

  • i get it. me wife is cat mad we had 8 of em years ago just 1 now

  • Four is the most we ever owned, (great grandma, grandma & two grandsons - poor mum had leukaemia) now I have just one.

  • its a loss pet. it is to sad and to hard to love em and see em go

  • Welcome and keep it coming. Love what you are saying and I can hear the accent, pet.

    Don't give a thought to spelling and grammar. We can follow you.

    K x

  • eh ta pet thats music to me ears. me wife talks like me but she has a plum in her mouth with new people. she is a cheeky lass and now i will get a clout

  • Hello Mac and Lill

    Welcome....You have found lots of people who do care.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family


  • ta pet. we have had a load of warm messages and made to feel at home

  • A warm welcome to you.

  • ta pet . we have had a smashing time

  • Hi and welcome. Just carry on being yourself and tell Lil not to be cross. It's good to see a hint of a local dialect - too many of those being lost now.

  • ta pet. lil never gets cross she just clouts me cos she thinks i show her up. me kids have all lost their twang and i have never no what they say some times

  • Hi Mac and Lil, you'll fit right in here whatever the spelling! Big welcome and happy xmas :) :)

  • eh pet we do feel a warm welcome form yous all . ta pet . its time to do porrige now for me bonnie lass . ta for the warm messages and a happy xmas . i will have to ask me son how to do one of those faces you did

  • If you put the cursor over the face it will show you how to make it Mac. Here are some more: :( :D :P :X :P Then there are more you'll see which you can do if you post from your mobile but i don't do that.

    Oh I love porridge but in the morning. Take care :)

  • ive always wondered how to make the faces! But i still cant do it, it doesnt work for me!

  • Putting the cursor over the smilie just shows you which keys you need to use to make it. So for the standard smilie face, hold down the key you use to make capital letters (can't remember it's name) and click on the colon on right of the capital L, then without any gap between, make a bracket (over the zero) and bob's your uncle. It won't show up til you post it though.

  • Hello Mac and Lil, welcome to the site :) Don't worry at all about spelling or doing it right, you're doing it and that's what counts. Wishing you both a happy Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year :) x

  • now you are a lass after me own heart. we have had a smashing time on here me wife has howled and give me a clout and she has smiled a lot when i have told her what yous have said . happy xmas

  • Hi Mac and LilI just love the way you talk I lived in Blyth for quite a few years love the our lass I think it is such a lovely expression. Hope you are both well.

  • A warm welcome to you and your family! We're glad you're here and don't care about spelling, that's not what this forum is about. Caring about ourselves, each other and our health is.

    😊 Krysta

  • krysta pet i have seen that with me own eyes on here. happy xmas pet me and lil are going for our porrige

  • Hello mac & lil & a big welcome from me. Nobody will be the slightest bit bothered whether you spell something correctly or not so just forget about spell check. I'm sure you will enjoy it on here, there are some lovely people who will do all they can to help if you have a question, & we have a bit of fun along the way.

    I hope you all have a lovely Christmas & do pop in & see us regularly. Best wishes Penny xxx

  • ta pet we have just turned on and we have loads of grand messages to read

  • Hi nb nice to meet you and welcome to the site. I can hear the accent too :) I had a friend from Darlington and he called everyone 'pet' too. I was born up north near Manchester and we say 'chuck' up there. I believe Yorkshire is 'ducks' or 'lass' In Devon where I live not it's 'maid'. In London they don't give you pet names - they just mug you :D x

  • e that made us howl pet

  • Good Mac :) x

  • Depends what bit of Yorkshire, cough. North & East Yorkshire it's lass, never ducks. Pam will tell us about South Yorkshire & she's very welcoming so will be along soon. West Yorkshire, I've no real idea, I'm sure somebody will tell us soon. 😊

    If you like animals mac & lil you'll be very popular, we like our pets on here. πŸΆπŸ•πŸ©πŸΊπŸ±πŸˆπŸŽπŸ­πŸ‘ Penny (two cats πŸ˜†) xxxx

  • Hi Penny. Think we must be mongrels in South Yorkshire..or we're just indecisive. Lass, duck and love all seem to be used equally.

    Pam (2 cats and 2 dogs) πŸΊπŸΊπŸΆπŸΆπŸ˜†πŸ˜† XXX

  • we had 8 cats a long time ago and a dog but me son took him to live with him cos he hated the cats . the dog hated the cats not me son

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I had 8 cats too at one time. Lost my last lovely old Josh a couple of years ago. He was 25, bless him! XXX

  • we love our tubs that is our cats name we had 8 cats a long time ago but tubs is me wife leg lodger he never gets off her for out but grub

  • Welcome Mac and lil and best wishes to you and family. Xxxx

  • ta pet best wishes to yous an all

  • Well come to the site to the 2 of you do not worry about the spelling at all just enjoy your selfs on here as some one will all ways come on any time day or night so well come

  • ta for the welcome pet . we have had loads of warm messages it took an age to read em all

  • Welcome, Mac and Lil. It's nice to meet you and I look forward to many a good chat with you both!

    Sue x

  • ta sue pet

  • Hi I am originally from Spennymoor, nice to meet you both and welcome to the site. Have a wonderful Christmas πŸŽ… All the best Berny xxx

  • ta Berny happy xmas lad

  • Sorry should have pointed out I'm a lass.named Bernadette x lilxx

  • ey sorry pet i saw damon so thinking lad. we are just getting the hang on this but slow . do you no how to take of a post pet

  • We used to I've in Blyth My sister in law still lives there we were always up there to cel the new year but since I lost my brother we haven't got up there we have had some great New Years

  • Not been back up home for a while. Not much family left up there. But will always be my home xxx

  • Yes there is something speacial about Blyth I do miss going up there I just can't at the moment holds to much memories

  • Oh my friend used to live in Spennymoor and was living in Kirk Merrington opposite the graveyard when I met him. x

  • Hope you don't mind me asking,but what was your friends namexxx

  • Welcome to our BLF page Mac & LIL a couple off weeeks and you will be wondering what all the fuss was about, We are a great bunch we offer all the help and support that we think would help you both, but as all the bodies are different we never encourage any one to take medication without seeing you Doctor or Nurse first, keep in touch I'm Scotish so some off my sentences end in aye a ken ach a now I Gid M8 and so on.Mattcass

  • eh i have a brother in scotland and we dont get a word he says when he is here so me wife turns her hearing ade down

  • A very warm welcome Mac and Lil. So pleased that you've joined seem to be getting into the swing of things quite nicely already. Tell Lil that we don't stand on ceremony on need for telephone voice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.......just be yourselves!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you soon and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

    Pam XXX

  • lil has bad hands now but is sat with me helping me out with what to say and we are dead shoked at how nice folk are on here

  • Hi Mac and Lil. Nice to meet you both. My husband was diagnosed with copd last year and this site is great for carers as well. Lots of great information to help the less knowledgeable to get to grips with this chronic disease.

    Wishing you a great Christmas and stay safe and warm

    Regards JP

  • happy xmas jp we are warm me son makes sure of it

  • Hello to you both I can spell but am no good at punctuation always putting commas and full stops in the wrong place. There are a lot of people like me who don't very often put a post up but join in with all the replies.

  • eh well i fit in pet i left shcool not reading out and lernt me self with me wife helping me so i get by she is smashing . this spellinmg cheker works a treet but take me to long to im happy nobodys botherd

  • Hi Mac and Lil and welcome to the forum. You write, how you speak, nothing wrong with that, I like it xx

  • ta pet thats what i said to me wife . no airs n grases but she likes to do it proper thats wives for ya but i havnt got all day so just talk like i do is faster . me son will be hopping mad but cos he took an age showing me how to set it all up and do it proper

  • Hahaha, we wouldn't be doing our job right if we didn't wind our kids up, it's one of our greatest pleasures, lol. xx

  • eh you are right and me kids love me pulling there legs . me wife is tickled pink when i have me kids hopping mad with me but all in fun never nowt else

  • Welcome to the site Mac, you will get used to it. Looking forward to hearing more about you and your bonny lass. :)

  • e she is that lass she is the apple of me eye to this day

  • I love that saying Bonny lass

  • Hoping to see a photo of your pussy cat soon :) Merry Christmas to you, Bonny Lad and Bonny Lass xxx

  • i will ask me son to do that pet . happy xmas

  • what a lovely sweet message ; welcome, people give lots of friendly and helpful advice on here; merry christmas to you and Lil x

  • ta pet . happy xmas to you

  • Welcome mac and lil................I second what mmzetor says. Have a good Christmas - you really are amongst friends here.


  • ta pet it is frendly alright

  • Aww bless yous nice post xx

  • bless you an all pet . happy xmas pet

  • Welcome to the "Family" mate.

    Your son is to be commended as you will find we really do CARE for each other.

    Together we laugh, cry, debate,pray and cuss but in essence we are here for each other 24/7.

    Merry CHRISTmas and a safe 2017 to you and yours

    Will (Australia)

  • me son is me eyes an legs will . he give us a computer and set us up and had us sorted how to use it no bother . he got his branes form his mam that one and me girls got me good looks

  • Thanks Mac

    You can see by the amount of replies you have received that your user name is incorrect.

    There are many on here who do care. Still it is a catchy name and one,which, I, for one, will remember when you post.

    Merry CHRISTmas Mate


  • Hi Mac, pleased to meet you I am one of the older ones on here been around for a while. Spelling mistakes are my speciality too, due to arthritic hands. I was born up your way Stockton- on- Tees, but now live in the Midlands. Like yourself and Lil I have grandchildren and great grandchildren too plus the dreaded COPD I also support Asthma Uk as many of my family suffer from Asthma. Look forwars to speaking again and welcome to the site .....

  • ow pet thats what me wife has in her hands . it brakes me when it hurts her but she never mones not ever

  • hi again, moaning does not solve anything my spelling mistakes are due to pressing the wrong key and not noticing. How lovely to hear you use the word mam that's what I used to call my mother. There are some special software that you can have on the computer so you can speak to it and not use the key board. They tell me microsoft do one for free but have not tried.Maybe your son may know of it. Must go time for tea.

  • Welcome Mac and Lil. I can almost hear your voice. Pet is nicer than me duck, which is Lincolnshire! Down here on Welsh border it's 'my lovely', how nice. Hope you learn a lot, as I have. Enjoy Christmas with your lovely family.

  • the best place for a duck is in a pond pet but i call me wife duck when i want her to hurry up cos it makes her go hopping mad if i call her it . we are going to me sons big house at xmas cos we can all fit . will be a grand day for us and for yous i hope

  • Lol too rite.. in doncaster south yorkshire they say " love" quite a lot..lived in stanley for a while and bonny lass was the norm and why i man.. loved the dialect.. since i have lived in quite a few places i have a very strange accent...but it suits

  • when i would watch he box as a young en nobody had an accent everybody talked with a plum in ther mouth and had a shirt and tie on but hilda ogden on corry street . now they have accents on the box and we dont no what some of them say

  • Haha me too x

  • Welcome, loads of lovely people on here to give you advice. Don't worry about the spelling. X x x

  • ta pet it has took an age to say hya to every body but we have had a smashing time

  • It makes a difference every body cares

  • Welcome to the site mac n lil. Merry christmas and a happy new year to you guys and your family.


  • ta for a warm message. i hope yous all have a happy xmas . we never done new year for a lot of years now we are always in bed to early

  • I too am in bed by 9pm every night.. dirty stop up if i am still awake at i have not seen a new year in for about 3 yrs..

  • we have seen many a new year and they are nowt new . we wake up the new year day and its the same as yesterday everybody all still skint and moning about the cold and a bad bonse . we leave the new year to he kids and me and me wife and tubs the cat have a shandy

  • Welcome Mac and Lil. This is a really friendly site, and there's always somebody who can answer questions. Hope you and your family have a good Christmas.

  • we will helen pet ta for the warm message . happy xmas

  • Welcome Mac and Lil. You will have lots of friends on here to talk to. I too have C.O.P.D. Wishing you and your wife a lovely Xmas and all the best for 2017.

  • ta for the warm message . me and me bonny lass will have a great day . happy xmas

  • Pleased to meet you too Mac and Lil. This is a lovely group and the only thing we don't care about is spelling, so please don't worry about that. Its been a breath of fresh air reading bonny lass, yous, ta etc. as I'm originally from Seaham. A very warm welcome to you both and I wish you a very happy Christmas & New Year.

  • ta pet . me wife likes me to talk proper round people but i like to talk like me . she talks like me an all but she gets a plum in her gob and i will get a clout for that

  • I love he Georgia accent x

  • A welcome from myself,as well,Mac& Lil!😊

    I'm sure you'll soon be changing your post name,nobody cares,doesn't seem quite right,with all these replysπŸ˜‰

    Happy Xmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰πŸŽ

  • Yes, Wendells in Austrailia is right, when you've got the hang of things you can change your name 'MacnLil' will do just fine πŸ˜ƒ

    A warm welcome from me too. We're all different lung problems at all levels here - and who cares about spelling and punctuation 😁

  • i will ask me son about that when he comes for his dinner ta pet i like that name better

  • e me wife has just said the same thing pet . it were me who said nobody cares but i no when i get it rong and yous do care . happy xmas pet

  • Welcome Mac and Lil I enjoyed reading your post. the more you come on here the easier it will get says me who struggles to put my weight in every Monday lol. Look forward to reading another post soon, By the way don't worry about the spelling as nobody is here to judge you just help if they can x x -:)

  • ta betty pet . i can do it a bit better even now. happy xmas

  • Welcome to the site, mac and lil. What a heartwarming post. We welcome you to our family. Don't worry about spelling.We don't..😁😁 Glad you decided to join us. Hope you have a great Christmas. Ruby🌹

  • Merry Christmas to you Mac & Lil - we say ta down "by here" in South Wales too, along with Lovely Boy or Boyo, and Lovely Gel! I used to change trains at Darlington to get to my friends in Redcar and Saltburn but never saw anything but the station and I think the "Rocket" was there too. So glad your son pushed you our way, sounds like you'll enjoy it here - wish more of us oldies had computers, far better than sitting in front of telly all day. We all have different complaints - Asthma/ COPD/ Arthritis for me, so there'll be loads of advice if you need it. No spelling or grammar Nazis though, they'd be run out of town if they didn't die of exhaustion first! Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • smashing beaches they are pet we had many days as bairns on them . we never would have got one me wife is as tite as a da and that will get me a clout. me son give it us and we are having a good time with it now but . happy xmas

  • Hi there Mac and Lil. I hope you both have a lovely Christmas, and best wishes to the two of you for the New Year 2017 :-)

  • ta lad. happy xmas

  • Hello Mac and Lil wishing you a very happy Christmas.

  • we have had loads of warm messages . we are getting mixed up now who we said hya back to . happy xmas

  • Hi Mac. ....Hi. Lil....... Greetings and welcome.

    You should enjoy being with our group. Don't worry about spelling , can't be good at everything. πŸ˜‰... Happy days.


  • ta jo me wife said am good at making porrige and washing the pots but think she is telling pork pies so i keep doing it . sneeky woman she is but a smashing bonny lass so i wash pots and make porrige

  • Welcome. Of course we care, we are all in the same boat to some extent. You and your wife will receive so much encouragement from this site. Never mind about the spelling we can read what you are saying. Merry Christmas and to all. Healthier new year.

  • have seen that meself everybody is very nice.can you help me pet. do we have to take each message of here one at a time we are getting a bit mixed up on how to do it and there is so many of em

  • Welcome and don't worry about spelling! Well done for joining up 😊

  • A big welcome to you both and Merry Christmas. We are lucky to have you join us. The people here are warm and loving you will enjoy it as I do

  • ta . we just got back home from going to me sons for xmas and it were smashing but we are both dun in .

  • God bless you and your family Mac. Nice to have you here.

  • bless you an all my friend

  • We all care about each other and that is the nice thing about BLF - we rejoice with each other and we grieve with each other. . . . sometimes we are serious and sometimes we tell jokes. We all share our problems and illnesses - and there is always someone to listen to you when you want to talk. You and your wife are so welcome on this forum!

  • ta pet thats a nice message yous have all been so kind

  • I see you have lots of replies and advice and it all that sounds useful.. I was born in Thirsk and lived in Northallerton until I retired. Now 82.My wife is only 60 and we have been married for 9 years.I am now unable to garden not because of the COPD but I cannot get up and down or walk on uneven paths because of my meniere's disease.I have a hobby that keeps my brain ticking over and gets me out for some exercise.(building and flying model aircraft)I have one or two i can fly from a chair and the club I belong to is very supportive although most are in the mature or elderly group.

    I don't spend a lot of time on this site maybe an hour or two a week.I belong to a 'breathe easy' group 12 miles away and this year I have not felt well enough to drive there. Worth finding out if there is one in Darlo.

    Take care and try out some of the suggestions in your replies don't worry about the spelling its the content that matters .


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