I'm feeling so much better!

Since last November I have had a chest infection every month - until now! The last one I had was at the beginning of this November and I am beginning to think it may be my last!

That may sound like tempting fate, but I think that weaning off the steroids this time has done the trick. Previously, I've been told to stop them after two weeks, then I've had an infection start again shortly after - it's been a viscious cycle.

At the moment, my chest feels better than it has for a year! I'm so chuffed and hoping it will stay good this week while my daughter and family are here.

It will be the best Christmas present I could ask for.

Hope you all get a nice Christmas present too!

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  • Hi MoyB,

    I have fingers crossed that you stay well. I've just gone 6 weeks without steroids - longest time since January. Hope I didn't tempt fate saying that!

    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year


  • 6 weeks - that's brilliant! Long may it continue!! Hope you stay steroid free and have a happy Christmas!

  • So happy for you. Stay well and a very Merry Christmas to you. XXX

  • Thank you - I hope you have a merry Christmas too!

  • So glad you're feeling better Moy, crossing fingers it stays that way. Take care and happy xmas :)

  • Thank you - hope you have a happy one too!

  • That's great news. Long may it continue! Take care,

    Sue x

  • Great to hear that you're feeling so good Moy, long may it continue. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year xx

  • Thank you - I wish the same to you!

  • Wonderful news, fingers & toes crossed that it continues. 😊 Pxx

  • Hi Moy, I was like you 20 years ago, have an infection, take antibiotics, clear up for a few weeks then another infection. I visited the doctor each time for 2 years until he finally sent me to see a specialist at the local hospital. The outcome was that I went to Papworth Hospital and had intravenous antibiotics which did the trick and I stayed well for much longer periods. I have to visit Papworth regularly for check ups and have had several stays in the hospital for iv's since but they really keep an eye on me, it's a wonderful hospital. Why don't you ask to see a consultant to see if you can stay well for longer? Glad to hear you are feeling well at the moment, long may it last. Happy Christmas to you and everyone on HU. Take care, Lizzy x

  • Hi @skinnylizzy59. I saw a consultant in August. He was the one who said I could take the prednisilone without weaning off it, although that seems to have been the wrong thing for me.

    He said he would see me again in April - my appointment has come through for July!

    I'm glad you are getting good treatment. I'm hoping for a good break from infections now - but who knows? Daughter and children arrived last night for Christmas and granddaughter was coughing like a good 'un. i'm certainly not sending them home, though - they've travelled 400 miles! Fingers crossed I don't pick up anything from them or give them anything from me.

    Have a good Christmas!

    xx Moy

  • What a lovely Xmas present. X

  • Thanks for getting back to me Moy. If the grandchildren are ill with something that might affect you have you tried sucking 'Fisherman's Friend' lozenges, I find them really helpful if a bit strong but they seem to ward off anything that might be catching. Anyway have a lovely Christmas with your family. Take care, Lizzy x

  • Thanks Lizzy - good idea. You have a good time too!

  • lovely post--so happy for you---truly ~Mmet~

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