Thankyou for all that have gave me advice on mums low oxygen levels today she is very exhausted and tired a trip to the toilet really takes it out of her she is very out of breath after walkin to the toilet just a simple task. It's so upsetting to see her like this but mums very in cooperative towards the oxygen therapy because of her Alzheimer's but I will do my upmost to give mum the best care I can xx

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  • Bless you and your dear mum Chezzy. Xxxxx

  • Thank you xxx

  • what a loving and caring person you are. I wish you and your mother a very happy and peaceful Christmas love Bernyxxx😊

  • Thank you that's very kind of you wishin you a peaceful Christmas too xxx

  • Of course you will Chezzy, you're a very caring person. Your Mum will have the best of care from you.

    Remember we're all here for you should you want to chat

    Hope you & your Mum have a lovely Christmas 🎄🎅🏼🎁

  • chezzy I know what u are going through.i have the same with val my wife .7 years now with vas/dementure dierbetes.anjiner.sorry about spelling.have a lovly xmas 2 u bothxxx

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