Fred Niblett

Hi everyone, it's with great sadness I'm writing to let you know that our dear Fred Niblett has passed away. I'm sure we won't ever forget his cheerful jokes and smiles each morning. I know many of us would be in the forum waiting for Fred to log on with a smile and a laugh even though he was fighting his own battles with lung cancer.

Here's to Fred ... thank you for all the laughs and smiles along the way.

May you rest in peace.

Lyn x

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  • Sorry to hear thoughts tobeveryone x

  • Thank you Tracey. :-)

  • I didn't know Fred but am sad to hear your news. My sympathies to his family and friends. He sounds a really nice man who'll be greatly missed.


  • Thank you Sue :-)

  • hi lyn sorry here about fred and his jokes are missed.

  • Thank you aberdeenman, I hope you're keeping well. :-)

  • Lyn, I am sure there will be a huge response to this very sad news. Fred was such a dear man & very supportive of me when I lost my husband. He was a real ray of light on the forum, even when he was going through his own health issues. My thoughts are with his family at this very sad time but they will have happy memories of a truly lovely man. x

  • Likewise Helen ... Fred was very supportive when I lost my husband too. He was a very well loved member of the forum wasn't he. I used to log on around 7am waiting for his jokes along with many other members. He will be very sadly missed. I hope you're keeping well Helen. :-) x

  • What terribly sad news about Fred. Thank you for letting us know Lyn. He was always so cheerful & ready with a joke or two!

    He'll be very sadly missed . RIP Fred 💐

  • Thank you Jessy, he certainly will.

  • So sorry to hear such sad news about such a wonderful, brave man. Enjoyed his posts very much. My dad was a Fred and I shared with him a short poem I had written as a tribute to my dad. He said he would keep it. Sincere condolences to his wife and family. Love Iris x

  • Thank you Lyd ... he was such a laugh wasn't he. :-) x

  • Thank you Jolyn for letting us know of Fred , my heartfelt condolences and sympathy to his family and friends. Smiler 😊 Rest in Peace and Love dear friend, huff xxx

  • Thank you so much Huff ... how are you hon? xxx

  • All good thanks Lyn, it's good to see you, hope life is treating you well 💜huff xxx

  • That's good to know huff, I'm good thanks hon :-) xxx

  • So very sorry,thinking of you allxxx

  • Oh this is such very sad news,,, He brought a lot of joy to many members on here and had a wonderful attitude :(

    Our thoughts go to his family

    I hope you and your family are doing ok x

  • Hi Mandy, thank you hon, he will be sadly missed won't he. I'm doing ok thank you Mandy, you ok? xx

  • Thank you jolyn for letting us know, will light a candle to light Fred on his way, very sad news, was a really smashing chap, his humanity shone through the written word, my thoughts are with his friends and family, so long smiler, rest in peace xxxxx

  • Thank you medow , I'm sure Fred will appreciate the candle, it's a very kind thought. xxx

  • Hi Jolyn thank you for letting us know about Fred what sad news my thought's are with his family at this time Fred will be missed by all x

  • Many thanks onamission, it's sad news indeed. Fred brought laughter to us all didn't he. x

  • Not sure I could be so cheerful with his condition x

  • No, nor me, just shows Freds strength of Character doesn't it. :-) Always thinking of others. x

  • Thank you so much for letting us know Lyn. Fred was such a great character and a true inspiration. May he now rest in peace. Condolences to his family.

    Hope you are well and best wishes to you. Xxxxx

  • Thank you Carole, yes dear Fred was so much fun. I'm well thank you hon and I hope you are too. xxx

  • We are doing well so far thanks Lyn. Take care. Xxxxx

  • I remember Fred. Such a happy chap. Loved his jokes. R.I.P. Fred. xx

  • Thank you so much Brooke

  • Hi Lyn sad news indeed loosing Fred,we will all miss him he always had a positive attitude always making us laugh R.I.P. Dear Fred our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.Hope all is well with you and your family take care God Bless naresh62x

  • Thank you kindly Naresh, I'm keeping well thank you.

  • So sorry to hear of Fred's passing. my thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.


  • Very kind of you JP

  • So very sorry to hear this. I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Fred, but have read some of his posts. My deepest sympathy to all his friends and family.

    Tee x

  • Many thanks Tee.

  • Dear Fred aka Holly.....I was only thinking of him yesterday and wondering how he was.

    Always cheerful and always thinking of others

    Condolences to his wife and family...another star in the sky.

  • You're very kind Knitter, Fred will be sadly missed.

  • Thanks Jolyn for letting us know.....thoughts about Fred kept coming to me yesterday.

    I miss your photos , hope you are OK.

  • Ahh, many thanks knitter... I'm fine thanks hon and I hope you are too. :-)

  • God bless and R.I.P Fred, thinking of u and ur family. Xx Sonia xx

  • You're very kind Sonia xxx

  • Oh this is such sad news. Fred was a true gentleman, full of good fun and so cheerful under such very trying struggles. RIP dear Fred and condelences to all family and friends. He will be very sadly missed on here.

    Thank you Jolyn for letting us know.


  • Thank you cough, I'm sure Fred would appreciate all these wonderful messages of condolence. I hope you're keeping well in yourself. :-) x

  • So sad to hear this news - he was such a cheery person despite his health struggles. If you can please pass on condolences to his family. Thank you for letting us know; I have often thought of him and guessed that he was too ill to post any more.

  • Many thanks Pentreath. :-)

  • Such terribly sad news, Jolyn. Fred put up such a good fight. Will always remember his morning chats and jokes. He will be truly missed. He was loved by many. Makes me think of others not doing well, that we haven't heard from. Hope you're keeping well, Lyn. Miss you and your wonderful photos. My condolences to Fred's family, and everyone that loved him. Rip- Dear Fred, our wonderful smiler. Ruby🌹

  • Thank you so much Ruby, all Freds jokes are still on his page if we want to read them. He was such a lovely man. I'm keeping well Ruby thank are you? xxx

  • I have a couple issues I'm dealing with, at present. Always something! You have a wonderful holiday, Jolyn. Miss you..Hugs, Ruby🌹

  • Bless your heart Ruby, I hope you get these issues sorted. Miss you back. Huge hugs. Lyn xxx

  • Oh no, he was such a lovely man. Thank you Lyn for letting us know. RIP Fred .....

  • Thank you so much Jan, he will be sadly missed. xxx

  • You gave us many smiles, now you have left us many memories,

    Sleep tight Fred, you will not be forgotten.💐

  • Such a lovely tribute, thank you. x

  • Oh what sad news,but bless him,now at peace.

    I had been wondering about him,so many thanks for letting us know.

    Such a true gentleman,& a wonderful sense of humor,his jokes have been sadly missed.

    Condolences to his family & friends.

    Have missed your beautiful photography too Jolyn,no doubt very busy at this time of the year!

    Have a wonderful Xmas,& a Happy & healthy New Year.🎄🎄🎉🎁xx

  • Many thanks hon, I'm sure Fred is smiling down upon us all.

    Thank you for missing me, I miss you all too. Have a wonderful Christmas yourself and a very Happy New Year. xxxxx

  • How very sad Jolyn - Fred was entirely lovely and funny in the sweetest way. What a sad loss. Please give his family condolescences from all of us who loved him. He was already missed, but now even more that we know he has gone. RIP Fred xxx

  • A lovely tribute, thank you. I hope you're keeping well. xxx

  • @Jolyon. Fred lived only couple of miles from me. Never met him but his posts were always positive and full of humour. What a bloke ! He was full of love for his family and they will be so proud of him, miss him dreadfully and need all the love coming their way from our site. Heaven will welcome him and be kind to his lovely family in the days to come. A real privilege that we know of him. Everlasting peace to you Fred. Polly X

  • Thank you so much Polly. x

  • I didn't know Fred but he will obiously be missed by those who had the good fortune to know him - a sad loss. My sincere condolences to his family and friends x

  • Many thanks Jaynair. x

  • I'm sorry to hear this news. Fred was such a lovely man and it was always a pleasure to read his upbeat posts. xx

  • He was wasn't he casper, he will be very much missed. xxx

  • Oh no, I was thinking of him just this morning. I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. Dear Fred, he was such a gent. Condolences to his family and friends.

    RIP dear Fred 😇

    Thank you Jolyn x

  • Thank you so much Peege, he made us all smile with his jokes didn't he. So many of us waited for him to log on in the mornings before we started our day. x

  • Yes, such a dear kind man, always positive & without a bad word to say about anyone.

    We were very lucky to have known him, Sailor Fred 😃

  • Oh I am shocked even though I was half expecting it when he left us so suddenly. He always did play down his illness and put on a brave face for all of us. What a lovely dear man he was and I will never forget him.

    If you can please pass on my love to his family and friends. R.I.P. Fred you were a one off mate. Bev x

  • Thank you kindly Bev, he was very much loved wasn't he. xx

  • Very much. He was a lovely man and human being. He only lived a few miles away from me too. Bless him. Thanks for letting us know. Bev x

  • How very sad to hear of Fred Niblett's passing. He was know to many of us as Holly 17 and I used to talk to him on here. He will be sadly missed. I hope he will meet up with our other friends who have gone to join the Angels.

  • A lovely thought indeed Azure.

  • So very sorry to hear the sad news of Fred. I remember his smile and his jokes very well. Sincere sympathies to all his family and friends. x

  • Thank you so much jabber. x

  • So sorry to here this news I can remember Freds posts just after I had joined, and found him to always be cheerful and so loving when he talked about his family. He always came across as a true gentleman.

  • He did, very much so and that's how we'll all remember him.

  • I'm very sorry to hear this news.


  • Thank you frose :-)

  • Fred was such a wonderful, generous member of this forum. I loved his cheerful nature, he will be much missed. Love to his family and friends.

  • Thank you so much Xris. :-)

  • Rest in peace mr smiley....

  • Thank you so much ffm, I'm sure he is. :-)

  • Such sad news.

    🌷Rest in peace Fred🌷

    Deepest condolences to Fred's family.


  • You're very kind velvet, thank you. xx

  • Thank you Lyn for letting us know. We have missed Fred and his smiles, but he is now at peace and smiling down on us I am sure. My deepest condolances to his family at this sad time. He left a lasting memory for all who were priviledged to meet him on site. x

  • He certainly did that Katie, thank you so much. xxx

  • How very sad Lyn,what a true gentleman he was, obviously devoted to his family and friends,made light of his condition and always ready with a joke,always loved the exchanges with Jolyn, he has been and will so missed,. with sadness, Bulpit

  • Thank you syble, we well all miss him very much.

  • Sorry to hear about Fred, he was a ray of sunshine x

  • He certainly was Shirley, thank you so much. x

  • I have often wondered about Fred & checked to see if he had posted. I am so sorry to hear this sad news. A gentle family man, who just got on with it. His common sense & humour is missed. Thank you for letting us know Lyn; my condolences to his family. X

  • He did hon and always showed his concern for others ... so sad. xxx

  • So sorry to hear this sad news Lyn. Fred was such an inspiration on here & always ready with a kind word & plenty of jokes. A real gentleman. RIP Fred. Condolences to his friends and family. Thank you for letting us know Lyn x

  • He was wasn't he Dedalus, he will be very much missed. x

  • Very true, thank you so much Hanne.

  • very sad news. didn't know fred very well but always enjoyed his posts. RIP

  • Thank you so much Mooskie

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