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Hi everyone I'm new to this site just need a bit of advice my mum was recently diagnosed with copd and pulmonary hypertension and cor pulmonary she is on home oxygen for 15 hours 6pm till 9am but she takes the oxygen off as she has Alzheimer's during the night her oxygen levels are only 73 after having oxygen but maybe as low as 69 without durum the day I have mentioned this to her GP but doesn't seem to be concerned she is now on palliative care and has a chest infection at the moment it's awful to see her suffering are these levels dangerous

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  • yes they are I would be demanding something is done. Good luck and God bless xxx,

  • That's so difficult asnyuur dear mum has Alzheimer's so will remove the oxygen. The doctor cannot just leave her and help us needed.

    I hope your mum can get the very best of care which is what she deserves.

    What is this country coming too? Xxxxxx

  • Hi chezzy so sorry to hear about your mom.

    Do you have a nurse that's Commes in to your mum you can talk to or ring BLF the number is at the top right of the pa.

    we are always hear for support

  • Hi

    69 and 73 are unacceptable for a long period of time,.

    Speak to yout oxygen team at local hospital they would have done the initial assessment and arranged the Oygen requirements with your provider.

    LTOL long term oxygen therapy , can be 15/20 hours per day for best results.

    Only you oxygen team can advice if extra dosage of oxygen is required or suitable.

    A chest infection can lower oxygen levels but you still what to be in the higher 80s

    Have you a contact number?

  • Hi thankyou everyone for your comments I have spoke to oxygen nurses on numerous occasions and mums GP saw the levels hit himself the other day her pulse is also in the 77 to 88 sometimes she is very sleepy and I believe she is basically giving up

  • Hi

    Pulse can be any between 61/100.

    Mine at moment is 90.

    When it goes high upto 120 then there is concerns.

  • Thank you it's 66 at min and oxygen is 77 she's been in oxygen for four hours and it's still very low

  • Hi

    I would ring 111 ask for advice.

  • Dear Chezzy, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum. It must be very difficult for you.

    I'm not an oxygen user but I'm sure her sats are too low. I think if the oxygen levels fall below the middle 80's you should speak to her doctor.

    I think you should call 111 & get some advice, at least for your own peace of mind.

    I hope someone can help you. Thinking of you & please let us know how you get on. 💐

  • Hi yhankyou for your reply mums Gp saw the low levels for himself when he came for a home visit two days ago but he said to keep putting her on her oxygen during the day at intervals to try and raise them but I have to be careful of giving her too much because if raising carbon dioxide levels he said her brain has adjusted to this level but surely it must be doing some damage

  • I agree. Phone 111.


  • I would definitely get advise immediately. I'd ring 111 and or your drs as them levels are not good and need attentire.

    Regards Amanda

  • I don't know about this ,but I would contact the GP or hospital to get the answers you need ,hope you get sorted soon x

  • Hello Chezzy, I can only add to the advice already given, contact 111 out of hours or go back to her gp when surgery is open again. I do hope you get some answers and that the situation is sorted out soon. x

  • Thankyou all I have just checked on mum and she had taken her oxygen off and her levels where 54 I've put her bac on it now so hopefully they will come bac up I will be ringing doctors later

  • Hi, I too am on oxygen 15/20..24 and I too take mine out in the night ... even though I don't know I have done it and the first thing I do on waking is check for my tube. I think the only thing is to let her have as much as she can during the day and hope she manages on what she is getting. Alternatively you might be able to tape the tube at the sides so that it doesn't come out easily. Tell the nurse what is happening and insist they find a way to help. Hugs to Mum and you too xx

  • Am also using oxygen 1 litter at night . I also bought oxo meter which I used time and again to c my oxygen level . Use oxygen level according to nurse who advised the level Hope should b ok and pass the information to concern nurse the level of oxy with or with out oxygen use . Mine level also go down to 67 some time just couple of minutes with out oxy but if I set down goes up quickly to 80 to 85. Hope u should talk to dr and get best advice .

  • Hello and welcome.I'm so sorry to hear of your Mum being so poorly.I can understan your worries and concerns.My late Husband had c.o.l.d. For Pulmonale, and Pulmonary Hypertension.Essentially the latter two, are caused by the c.o.p.d.The Heart has to work a great deal harder, the Pulmonary Artery is also under stress.My husband also had advanced Vascular Dementia, two P.E,s, from which he amazed us all by surviving them and a Respiratory arrest.I'm a Respiratory Nurse therefore am fortunate in having in depth knowledge of Thoracic Disease.My husband was for end of life care, palliative, which I decided to nurse him at home, due mainly to his dementia.The R.B.H. and our local respiratory team gave him around 5weeks.I nursed him for 2years, 9months.Having read his notes, and looked at all of his scans, the damage was alarming, functioning on 30 o/o Lung capacity.The difficult part was maintaining reasonable 0 2levels, for my husband I was satisfied with 88o/o.Each person's need is very individual.Of course not receiving sufficient Oxygen can cause problems.It's difficult to demand "Something is done",quite frankly...Dementia causes huge mood swings, ranging from compliance, to aggression, to fear.Often impossible to reason or rationalise with that person.In I.C.U situations we have protocol to keep unsettled patients Oxygenated.This is not possible with patients like your Mum.I would use gentle reasoning and persuasion, which sometimes is successful, at other times reasoning is impossible.Distraction techniques, perhaps a warm drink, followed by "Shall we pop your Oxygen back on", !!!I've nursed patients with 02 Levels of mid 60,s.Impossible to force Oxygen on an un_willing person.When they become agitated from persuasion, maybe just leave them quite, then try again.Distraction techniques can work, depending on their mood, which can change in a moment.An infection will possibly make confusion worse, you didn't say if her infection was being treated.Again regular Antibiotic regime is so much more difficult with other issues to consider.I have great empathy for you Both.Speak to you Clinician, but I suspect their take will be, the Oxygen to be used as and when Mum will tolerate it.Sending you comforting thoughts and support.

  • Thankyou it's very difficult with the Alzheimer's I wake up several times during the night to check her but if I wake her to put the oxygen on she becomes agitated and it's not nice I dread walkin in just in case xxxx

  • Yep...., those ARE low levels; you don't say how many liters she's on: 3?, 4?, 5?..., may need to increase that setting. For your doc to be so indifferent or unconcerned is more than a bit ridiculous. After you increase your mother's oxygen settings and after you get her stabilized, you really should have a good talking to with your supposed "medical practitioner"; again, these are low levels and he knows it....!!!

  • She's on two litres at the minute yes her GP knows of her levels

  • This must be so very distressing for you. I very much agree with 19441934 - she is knowledgeable, sympathetic and has personal as well as professional experience.

    Your poor mum has complex physical problems as well as the very difficult additional problem of Alzheimer's and in such a situation the doctors will strive to achieve a best compromise. I think you should speak to your consultant and your GP, as well as the palliative care team if you have their support.

    It's very hard but she has your love and care and you can only do your best, but you do need the help of the involved professionals. We can only try to support you.

    Do keep in touch. Thinking of you both,

    Love Sue x

    and I agree about using the oxygen during the day if that makes it easier to gain her compliance. x

  • Thankyou xxxxx

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